Elementals Edge
Kana 要素エッジ
Romaji ˈeləmənt ej
Other Names "joke of a sacred gear"
Type Sacred Gear (support type)
Forms a wooden sword
Abilities to control elements
Elements Edge is a support type sacred gear that manifests as a wooden sword. At first glance it appears to be a worthless weapon and even more a worthless sacred gear. The sword itself looks unremarkable and many assume it to be a worthless joke to test Heavens and the Sacred gear system.

Summary Edit

A wooden sword sacred gear that is seen as a joke in the sacred gear system. The wooden sword has no special abilities in it's initial form except the ability to surround itself in magic energy from the user. The wooden sword has four subspecies balance breakers which in use can put the wielder over the edge if they can't control the surge of power.

Appearance Edit

In it's physical and initial form it appears to be a wooden bokken with a standard wooden handle. This appearance is seen as a joke and is the reason the wielder is usually underestimated in battle.

Appearance Edit

Initial Abilities: Edit

Increased Speed and Agility: The longer the wielder uses the sacred gear their speed and agility gradually increases over the course of the battle

Energy Manipulation: The sword has the ability to surround itself in the wielder's magic energy and can even change the shape of the energy only limited by the wielder's magic potential and their imagination.

Durability: Despite appearing as a wooden bokken the sword is immensely durable able to take on a holy sword like Excalibur Mimic.

Subspecies Balance Breaker: Edit

Elemental Changer: The Subspecies of the sacred gear is the ability to change the element of the sword to either air, ice, fire, or earth. This also changes the wielder's magical energy to that element and the sword has the ability to absorb that element into the blade making it a strong upgrade from the initial form.

Balance Breaker: Edit

Sword to cut between dimensions: The only known balance breaker is called "The Sword to cut between dimensions" this ability allows the wielder to cut the air and creates a portal that has the ability to absorb objects into it (similar to the abaddon's black hole ability). The blade of the sword also becomes diamonds making it even more durable and stronger.