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Enigma Strike
Enigma strike
Kana イニッグマ・ストライク
Romaji Inigguma Sutoraiku
Other Names Phantom Replicator
Type Support-type Sacred Gear
Forms Phantom copy (standart form)
Hundred Gauntlets
Abilities Copies last action performed by the wielder
Enigma Strike (イラスティック・ストライク, Irasutikku Sutoraiku), also known as the Phantom Replicator; is a medium-tier Sacred Gear.

Summary Edit

Commonly considered a very plain and weak Sacred Gear, wielders are usually looked down onto, and disregarded from the rest. The truth is, Enigma Strike cannot be used as a main weapon, so the wielder must get a different one.

Abilities Edit

Unlike what many think, if used correctly, this Sacred Gear can become awfully useful. Enigma Strike has the ability to replicate its wielder's actions; meaning that if they, for example, throw a punch at an enemy, a second one, created by the Sacred Gear will be sent from a different angle but in the same direction.

This Sacred Gear works as following:

  1. The wielder decides to perform an action
  2. Action starts, Sacred Gear confirms action and begins to make a replica
  3. Action ends, Sacred Gear uses replica, performing the action once again

This means that, even if a strike doesn't connects, the Sacred Gear can still hit the enemy, given that the replication does not takes in account if the action in question succeed or not. The replica can also extend farther away than the user originally could, making it very tricky and dangerous if someone is not careful enough.

Forms Edit

Enigma Strike appears in the wielder's eyes, as a ring of sorts around the iris. It creates a phantom replica of whatever object/part of the body/etc. was used to perform an action, in order to replicate it, although it disappears once the action ends. The phantom replicas appear around the wielder's body.

Hundred Gauntlets Edit

Also known as the Hundred Mimic Gloves; is the Balance Breaker of Enigma Strike. It allows the wielder to replicate actions up to a hundred times by consuming their stamina for each passing replica. This can be very dangerous, since the Sacred Gear is capable of replicating no matter what (for example, the power of a Holy Sword, or the exact power of a Cooperation Skill).

Trivia Edit

  • The Sacred Gear was based on the Dual Shadow passive skill from the Devil Survivor games
  • The name of the Balance Breaker is one of the skills of Anshin'in-san from Medaka Box
  • The image is taken from K Project's Kuroh Yatogami's colorless aura power