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Kana エレボス
Romaji Erebosu
Race Human/Grim Reaper Hybrid
Equipment Orion Scythe
Night Reflection
Personal Status
Relatives Pluto (Father)
Unnamed Human Mother †
Affiliations Grim Reapers (Formerly)
Status Alive

Erebus is a Grim Reaper/Human Hybrid and the son of the legendary Grim Reaper Pluto. He is an upcoming character in Highschool DxD: The King of Lions.

Appearance Edit

Erebus is a two meters tall man with broad shoulders, and is dressed in dark robes emblazoned with lightning bolts.

Personality Edit

Erebus has a solemn personality and is a battle maniac, enjoying to fight with or against strong opponents. Erebus shows a proper attitude towards beings that deserve respect.

History Edit

In the past, Erebus was trained by his father Pluto. He used to serve as a Grim Reaper alongside his father under Hades in the Underworld before leaving to seek strong foes.

Plot Edit


Powers and Abilities Edit

Master Scythe Wielder: Erebus is very skilled with his scythe like his father.

Immense Strength: As the son of Pluto, Erebus's strength is on par with most High-Class Devils.

Immense Speed: Erebus is extremely fast, capable of creating afterimages of himself and can easily keep up with Lyonel Mycenae and Vali Lucifer in their Balance Breakers.

Equipment Edit

Orion Scythe: Erebus's scythe can generate lightning and can shorten the lifespan of his opponents if he wounds them with a special type of curse.

Night Reflection: (ナイト・リフレクション, Naito Rifurekushon): Known as the Shield of Dark Night is the Sacred Gear wielded by Erebus. The Night Reflection has the ability to absorb attacks using shadows and redirecting them in whatever direction the wielder wishes.

  • Night Reflection Death Cross: Erebus's sub-species Balance Breaker which creates a black shadow armor that covers the wielder's body. Death Cross allows the user to become like a shadow, gaining its intangible properties and allowing physical attacks pass right through him, although the wielder is susceptible to most forms of energy.

Trivia Edit

  • Erebus or Ἔρεβος, is Greek for deep darkness, shadow.

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