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Erika Hasegawa
Erika R profile
Kana 長谷川 エリカ
Romaji Hasegawa Erika
Race Human
Hair Color Light blonde
Eye Color Grayish
Personal Status
Affiliations Rising Sun Academy
Status Active
Erika Hasegawa is the headmistress of the Rising Sun Academy in the story [...]; school to which the main cast attends. A strangely young-looking woman, responsible of expanding the academy around the globe and with almost complete control over it, she oversees the actions of the main cast as the adult in charge of them.

Appearance Edit

A strange looking woman, who rather looks the age of a student than a teacher. Erika is short in height and petite, as if she was just going through puberty. She has oval grayish eyes and thin eyebrows, of the same baby blonde color of her smooth long hair. She usually ties it to one side. Despite the roundness of her face and body between that of a kid and an adolescent, Erika gives a mature vibe and is seen with a serious expression while working, or a condescending one while admonishing her students with an air of superiority.

She is said to be quite charming. She wears an uniform similar to that of a student, although different rom the rest of the students at the academy.

Personality Edit

A focused woman who knows what and how things should be done and is not afraid to got through various lenghts to do them. She speaks with intelligence and reservation in what information she gives others and to what extent. Erika makes herself be respected and knows where to target in a person's psyche to exploit their weaknesses with a sharp yet controlled tongue. Despite her voice that resembles that of a child, her way of speaking resembles that of a woman, giving the vibe that something is off place when one meets her.

Background Edit


Plot Edit


Powers & abilities Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Her appearance and image are based on Momoka Shijo from the light novel series Magical Warfare

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