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Evil Aim
Kana 欲望の呪い(イービルエイム)
Romaji Ībirueimu
Other Names Curse of Lust
Type Technique(Spell)
Abilities Allows the user to pin-point erogenous zones in the target's body
Wielder(s) Ichijou Tsukino
So much for a harem protagonist. Putting girls in their place.

Nemesis Gremory, An aside comment on Evil Aim.

Evil Aim(欲望の呪い[イービルエイム]; Ībirueimu) Also known as Curse of Lust, is another of Ichijou Tsukino's unique techniques, created during the events of Volume 7 during his spar with Kan'u Unchou/Guan Yu. A offensive(?) spell casted with little magical control and with the [TRANSFER] ability, this technique allows the user pinpoint especific erogenous zones of it's target and use them in order to submit her to the user's will upon touch.

This technique is banished from Rating Games in order to avoid unnecessary ruckus or dishonor to specific families of high-class devils.

Summary Edit

First though after a steamy bathing section with Tasha Campbell and Liu Bei, Ichijou would later try to develop a way to touch the said 'weak spots' of his enemies in order to them to low they guard as he uses Level Zero on them.

The ability was banished after the 22-Arcana Challenge, as Serena Sitri's hummiliating defeat was not broadcasted as Ichijou was using said technique.

Abilities Edit


Berolina under the influence of Evil Aim.

This original spell was created in order to restrain and control female opponents who are either too fast or out of grasp for Ichijou to use Level Zero. By concentrating demonic energy in his Boosted Gear and pointer finger, Ichijou can touch an erogenous zone around the opponents body and tenfold the sensation using both his [BOOST] and [TRANSFER] abilities from his Sacred Gear, giving the victim so much pleasure it either loses the ability to fight or falls unconcious due to the overhelming climax.

The power of Evil Aim apparently isn't limited to direct physical contact, as things like Rhongomiant's smooth surface can also channel the [TRANSFER] ability.

Drawbacks Edit

The spell doesn't work on men in the heat of the battle due to their own fighting spirit, and because of this, it doesn't work also on women who are either insensitive or are in the heat of a battle. Liu Bei proved to be immune to this due to her hot-blooded personality. Aside from the typical embarassement, it seems that spell has no aftereffects or collateral damages afterwards.

Trivia Edit

  • The spell was based on the Master-Servant contract from 'The testament of the sister new devil' series.
  • This is the second original spell created by Ichijou;
  • Each girl that came in contact with the spell, interesting enough, have especific and different touch zones: Berolina's is her breasts; Liu Bei's is her butt; Serena's is her nape; Raven's is her legs and Irene's is her ears.

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