Finn Belial's Peerage is noted to be one of the strangest in existence because it's mostly made of creatures no other devil has thought of or even considered as servants. His peerage is also noted to be one of the strongest of the Golden children because Finn has won four Rating Games with only one loss to Diehauser Belial.

Members Edit

Finn Belial (King) Faye (Queen)
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Finn Belial, the King of the peerage. Noted to be one of the strongest of the Golden child behind Sairaorg and in front of Rias and Sona. He is currently a 2nd year student at Kuoh Academy and is the captain of the water polo team and water volleyball clubs.
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A fairy-reincarnated devil hybrid, she is the Daughter of Oberon and took the chance to become Finn's queen because she didn't want to be the leader of a valkyrie brigade as her father originally intended. She is adept in nature magic being able to manipulate plants and ki. She is always seen trying to get Finn to do the work he is supposed to do as a devil and gets angry when he neglects his work.
(Bishop) Sira (Bishop) Niko
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A small boy who is in the elementary division of Kuoh Academy. He is a dryad-reincarnated devil that was a orphan before Finn found him. he is in touch with nature being able to call on fairies and other nature creatures for support and has excellent healing magic. he is also able to turn into a tree to hide himself. Is timid and usually turns into a tree when people he doesn't know try to talk to him.
A magician (white mage) reincarnated devil that uses plant magic and earth magic. She also has healing abilities but they aren't as skillful as Sira's. She has a happy and energetic personality.
(Knight) Jessica (Knight)
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A former water nymph-reincarnated devil that left her old life solely because she found the nomadic and peaceful life of a water nymph boring. She upholds the knight code like Kiba and Karlamine and is said to be as skillful as Kiba with her spear. She also knows water magic and is able to make it rain by tapping into her water nymph side.
 (Rook) (Rook)
(Pawn X1) La
Abatha the abatwa by junafish-d4283wr

The strangest of all Finn's servants an ancient creature called a abatwa with a temper and is tiny enough to ride on a ant. The Abatwa is able to crawl under tiny places, set traps, and can manipulate her size and the size of the ant she rides to make them bigger (4 feet max) with demonic magic. She also wields a knife and a spear. She was banished from her tribe and found Finn who she bit him but instead of getting angry Finn decided to make the strange creature a servant there are multiple theories in the Underworld of how Finn was able to get the evil piece into the tiny creature but nobody knows for sure (not even Ajuka),

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