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Five Rings Godai (五輪五大ファイブ・リングズ・ゴーダイ, Gorin Godai) is a specialist team within the Khaos Brigade, led by "Phoskia". They serve as the main antagonists of the first three arcs of High School ShielDxD.

Summary Edit

The Five Rings Godai is one of the smallest factions in Khaos Brigade that consists of solely ten members, bringing in a combination of mostly former members of both the Magician and Hero Factions. The members are assigned a code name or a "ring" that designates their preferred style of fighting.

While their main aim within the Khaos Brigade is not quite as clear, each member has an individual goal that the ten members collaborate to accomplish what none could do alone. Traditionally, members fight in groups of three-five members, but never all ten at once. Due to the personal goal of Phoskia, the group often end up coming to blows with Akane Naberius' Peerage deliberately.

Members Edit

Member Information Status
Georgios Lydda / "Phoskia" Hero and Leader of the Five Rings Godai, "Ring of Light and Shadow". Descendant of St George, wields the Excalibur Blessing and the lance, Silene. Alive
Atalanta Pyrene Magician, "Ring of Void". Descendant of Atlantes the Sorcerer in Chansons de Geste, from the Carolingian Legends. Defected
Inas Jannis Magician, "Ring of Water". Descendant of Jannes and Jambres, the magicians who contended with Moses. Weilder of the Sacred Gear, Ceremonial Sands Deceased
Gideon fab Don Magician, "Ring of Earth". Descendant of Gwydion fab Dôn, the trickster hero of Welsh Mythology. Alive
Serafina Rodriguez Hero, "Ring of Steel". Descendant of El Cid (Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar). Wielder of the Holy Swords, Tizona and Colada, and the Sheild, Bucar Defected
Carloman Hero, "Ring of Thunder". Descendant of Merovech, the First Frankish King. Wielder of the Holy Sword of Charlemagne, Joyeus, and the Demon Sword of Attila, Tengri Imprisoned
Fannar Magician, "Ring of Air". Descendant of Bonde Vaerskjegg  in Norske Folkeeventyr. Deceased
Hiro Hiraga Obake, "Ring of Wood". A youkai possessing a wooden mannequin. Wielder of the Three Great Japanese Spears, Tonbogri, Otegine, and Nihongo. Renamed under the alias Hawthorn. Defected
Jezibaba Yaga Witch, "Ring of Fire". Descendant of the Baba Yaga trio of Slavic Folklore. Alive
Madhava God, "Ring of Null". Suspended for the majority of his time in a fully hibernated state. Next to nothing is known about him. Wielder of the Great Sword, Nandaka. Revealed to be Kalki the tenth avatar of Vishnu. Defected

Trivia Edit

  • Godai translates as Five Great or Five Elements, referring to the Five Japanese Classical Elements. Godai is best remembered in the West as the titles for Miyamoto Musashi's famous text The Book of Five Rings (Gorin-no-sho), in which he explains different aspects of swordsmanship by assigning each aspect to an element.
    • This is also in reference to the number of members (five plus five equaling ten).
  • Phoskia is a combination of the Greek words phos (φως, Light) and skia (σκιά, Shadow).

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