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–Flasio Caim, Arc 1, Section 03

Flasio Caim
Kana フラシオ・カイム
Romaji Furashio Kaimu
Race Pure-blooded Devil
Nicknames Hell Killer
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Meikaigiri
Personal Status
Affiliations Lagred Buer's Peerage
Kouyasha Apartment
Hiimoshima Highschool
Status Alive
Ranking High-class devil

Flasio Caim is one of main Heo(ine) in Highschool DxD: Girl can be ero too!. He's Yuuto Kiba's childhood friend when studied with Souji Okita. He also Lagred's Knight from House of Caim one of extinct families of 72 Pillars, which held rank of Marquis.



Flasio typically friendly person, however he has some sadistic traits.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Speed: As a knight, Flasio possess amazing speed and mobility.

Bird Transformation: - As s member of Caim clan, Flasio can transform to a bird.

Ash Bird Style (灰鳥流, Haitoryuu) - A sword arts utilized by Caim clan.

  • Ash Bird Style: Skysplitter (灰鳥流:破天, Haitoryuu: Haten): Flasio strongest attack, he'll moves fast to enemy and split him/her in one fatal slash.

Equipment Edit

Meikaigiri (冥界切り, Hell Cutter) - Flasio's demonic katana forged by Goro, the Ippon Datara and 'best sword blacksmith in Japan'.


  • Soujino appearance is based on MIdare Toushiro From Touken Ranbu.
  • His name is made from pormanteau of the names of three protagonists from Gundam Age TV series (Flit Asuno + Asemu Asuno + Kio Asuno)

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