Four Sacred Beasts of China
Four sacred beasts
Four Sacred Beasts as depicted by Sirzechs Lucifer
Kana 四神聖獣
Romaji Yonshinseijū
Race Dragon King

Celestial Deities

Nicknames Four Symbols

Celestial Guardians of East Asia

Equipment Azure Armor

Vermilion Jerkin

White Tunic

Black Robes

Personal Status
Affiliations Chinese Pantheon

Japanese Pantheon



Fallen Angels

Norse Pantheon

Greek Pantheon

Khaos Brigade (bad)

Status Active
Ranking High Council

The Four Sacred Beasts of China are the ruling bodies of China that direct the Chinese pantheon of gods and creatures. They also have influnce over Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, & Thailand. They currently reside in the Celestial palaces in the Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Western skies of China.


The Sacred Beasts are comparable to the Greek Titans in that they are above the Gods of their domain. Unlike the titans, however, the beasts co-exist with the gods and are their ruling body. Many of the gods' decisions are made by the beasts and it is known that no Chinese god has ever turned against a sacred beast.

They were originally known as the Five Sacred Beasts many years ago. However, after Kōryū had left, they were changed to the Four Sacred Beasts.

In Japan, due to their restrictions over the land, the beasts can only watch over it in magic projections originating from four temples in Kyoto. They aren't allowed to step a physical foot on Japanese soil and are only allowed to send blessings through their projections. 


Each of the four members were once a peculiar creature shunned by their own kind. Kōryū was originally the leader but his title was revoked due to his absence and given to Seiryū Mōchō.


The group was created by Kōryū the Yellow Dragon King when Seiryū Mōchō was turned into a dragon. Kōryū brought three other creatures to his palace and gave them each four forms to utilize and protect. They were one of the five elements, one of the four seasons, one of the five virtues, and one of the four cardinal directions. After they were distributed, the group used they powers to stabilize China and lead the country to greatness.

Sacred beasts confined region

Magic Barrier formed by the Four Sacred Beasts

When the Great War broke out, Kōryū wanted to intervene but was opposed by Seiryū, Byakko, and Genbu along with the Chinese pantheon of gods. He then decided to trick the beasts into traveling East Asia to secretly form a magic barrier to keep them in while he could leave, under the guise of "giving their blessings to the unfortunate". They were fooled and the beasts were trapped in East Asia. During that time, the gods focused on East Asia as a whole and China's superiority began to diminish. New pantheons were also added to the Sacred Beasts' council.