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Friendly Healer
Kana 死者の医者フレンドリ ヒーラー
Romaji Furendori Hīrā
Other Names Doctor of the Dead
Type Rephaite Class, Healing Type Annihilation Gear
Forms Unknown
Abilities Healing
Wielder(s) Giichi

Friendly Healer is an Healing Type Annihilation Gear. Seemingly, Friendly Healer is, too, a Top-Class Annihilation Gear, making it a [Rephaite].


Friendly Healer, also known as Doctor of the Dead, is an Healing Type Annihilation Gear.


Its appearance has never been mentioned.



Healing: Friendly Healer's basic ability, healing. Not anymore information has been given.


Its form is unknown yet.


  • Friendly Healer is the only Healing Type Annihilation Gear to ever exist.
    • Friendly Healer is ironic, as [Annihilation] and [Healing] are opposites.
  • Friendly Healer isn't stated to have a [Breakdown], but is hinted to have.

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