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Is it really cold? Is it really hot? Either way it REALLY hurts!

–A victim of Frost Blazer, unknown source

Frost Blazer
Frost blazer in action
"Taste despair"
Kana フロースト・ブレイザー
Romaji Furoosuto Bureizaa
Other Names Flame of the Freezing World
Type Elemental-type Sacred Gear
Artificial Sacred Gear
Forms Gloves
Abilities "Frostflame" manipuation
Wielder(s) Alcor
Frost Blazer, also known as the Flame of the Freezing World; is an artificial Sacred Gear, special in the aspect that it merges conceptually opposite abilities into one.

Summary Edit

Azazel once stated that all Longinus are just a combination of one ability with another. Essentially, they combine powerful abilities that shouldn't be combined. Under that logic, a Sacred Gear that merges together opposite powers was created, in hopes the result would be a strong Sacred Gear.

During the DXD: Legends of Tomorrow continuity, it was Alcor who created it, and is one of his Sacred Gear.

Abilities Edit

Unlike other elemental oriented Sacred Gear, Frost Blazer controls an artificial element, that should not exist in nature, and can only exist due to powerful magic in the Sacred Gear. Frost Blazer controls flames that can reach below zero temperatures, and can be used like regular ones in most cases, even giving its own version of "burn" named frostburn, which eats away what it is set on, but instead of turning it into ashes, it's damage is more like frostbite than anything else; ending up completely freezing the target if the wielder chooses to.

Forms Edit

Frost Blazer takes the form of a pair of white winter gloves with a small flame sigil on the back of the hand.

Burning Paradise Frostland Edit

Also known as the Wonderland of Conflicting Elements; is the Balance Breaker of Frost Blazer. As the merging of opposite powers reaches its limit, they are separated from one another, causing a tremendous boost in power.

Burning Paradise Frostland allows the user to use flame and freezing powers separatedly, yet still in sync to either freeze or set ablaze their targets.

Trivia Edit

  • The image used for the page is of Naze Youkai's Ice Fire, from the manga Medaka Box
  • Although the concept may sound like it was taken from the Glacier Flame from Katekyo hitman reborn, it is actually based off the Frostburn debuff from the sandbox game Terraria
    • The heading quote, is a slightly modified version of the before mentioned debuff's tooltip in the game