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Galahad Du Lac


Mizuwa Akihito

The True War God
Kana ギャラハッド・ダー・ラーク
Romaji Gyarahaddo Da Raku
Race Human
Nicknames The Incompetent Knight (Younger)
Gala-Tan (by Serafall)
True War God
The Strongest Human Male
Hair Color Brown
Black (War God)
Jet Black (True War God)
Eye Color Brown
Green (War God)
Dark Green (True War God)
Equipment Arondight
War God
Personal Status
Relatives Sir Lancelot (Ancestor)
Merlin Ambrosius (Ancestor)
Elaine Du Lac (Mother)
Xander Ambrosius (Father)
Viviane Du Lac (Aunt) †
Christian Ambrosius (Younger Brother)
Gabriel (Wife)
Michael (Brother-in-Law)
Lancelot Du Lac (Son)
Angela Argento (Sister-in-Law) †
Asia Argento (Niece)
Affiliations Du Lac Family
Chivalric Order (Former)
Hero Faction
Status Alive
Ranking Head Paladin (formerly)

Galahad Du Lac is a major character in The Magic Knight.

He is the father of the main protagonist, Lancelot Du Lac, and former Head Paladin before his supposed death at the hands of his father. Though in actuality, he was taken by him and was brainwashed after having his physical age altered. Galahad is currently one of the main members of the Hero Faction of the Khaos Brigade.


Galahad is a handsome brown-haired foreign young man in his early twenties with and light brown eyes. As the former Head Paladin, he would normally wear a royal knight uniform around the Chivalric Order. During his leisure times, he wearing casual clothing. He is also seen wearing a generally relaxed and laid-back expression.

In his teenage form, he's around the same age or a bit older than Lancelot and even somewhat resembles him (albeit light brown eyes), he wears a dark blue jacket, with a white shirt, a silver pendant, blue jeans, and white sneakers. In his War God state, his hair turns black and his eyes turn green. And finally, while in his True War God state, his hair turns jet black and his eyes turn a dark shade of green.


In his childhood, Galahad has been described as the being a very lively child who can also have a very laid-back demeanor, which was inherited by his son Lancelot. His younger brother, Christian always described him as being an annoying pain to deal with since he never allowed him to stay inside. Though he always said that he wanted Christian to know what living life was like and didn't want him to stay cooped up inside all day.

Galahad has a great deal of pride in being a Knight of the Du Lac family of the Chivalric Order, but at times people could describe him as a battle maniac. Due to his lively personality and his great deal of confidence, he also attracted several people around him; friends and allies alike.

After he regressed as a teenager, Galahad became slightly arrogant along with being overconfident in his own abilities.



Teenage Galahad

Galahad is the eldest child of Elaine Du Lac and Xander Ambrosius. It was always said that Galahad had the aptitude to become one of the most powerful Knights in History, while his younger brother possesses the high aptitude to be a Magician. Unlike Christian, he always socialized with the other Knights and was mentored by the former Head Paladin, Gawain.

He later became the childhood friends of Issei's parents Kaito and Mikoto Hyoudou, who were still in the Chivalric Order as children. Kaito would normally join Galahad in trying to force Chris out of his room and try to socialize more with people. At around the age of thirteen, he was later involved in a mission that had involved dealing with several high-level Demons, which ended up with several casualties of some Knights and later ended up with him awakening the War God state.

And at the age of sixteen, Galahad had become one of the young Knights to become one of the Paladins, with the first being his mother Elaine. Near that same age, while he was hunting an Ultimate-Class Demon, he was then dragged into the Underworld as it was trying to escape from him. Though he was finally capable of killing it with his families' Holy Sword, Arondight, it was during that time that he had met and befriended the current four Maou, Grayfia, and their Peerage. And he even started causing some trouble with Serafall, who later continued to offer him a position as her Knight, though Galahad continued to kindly refuse.

At some point as an adult, he met up Gabriel whom he was supposed to be escorting on a mission. During the mission, both he and Gabriel soon fell in love with each other. And their love continued to progress and Gabriel eventually became pregnant with Lancelot. Soon after he was born, due to her duties as a Seraph, she couldn't spend as much time with them as she wanted to. He along with the others later began to look into the death on of their fellow Paladins, Lionel and discovered that it was planned.

After returning him, he soon found that Xander had wiped Lance's memory and the sheer mention of her name would give him a painful migraine to the point of him passing out. A week later, the Chivalric Order was attacked by a pack of High and Ultimate-Class Demons, which was being led by his Xander. During the incident, almost half of the Knights were killed, along with the remaining Paladins and Galahad was taken away by Xander.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

War God (乱神, Ranshin): also known as the Power of the War God, is an innate ability that can only be gained by certain members of the Du Lac Family, the descendants of Sir Lancelot with only three of them being able to awaken it. When active, he gained an increase in his physical abilities and his combat capabilities. However, due to the natural aggression that this form possesses, if this form isn't mastered the user could potentially lose their sense of humanity and act brutally in combat. But, after his training over the years, he overcame the negative effects.

  • True War God: A far more upgraded and powerful form that is exclusive only to Galahad, due to him being a Power-Technique Fighter. In this form, his physical attributes and combat strength are both increased to extreme levels; he gives off an imposing presence along with a dense black aura. This form, however, is still incomplete and its full capabilities are unknown.

Aura: After intense training in the Chivalric Order since the age of seven, Galahad gained the ability to utilize his own aura. This allows him to greatly enhance his physical abilities and magical resistance. After training with his mother for most of his life, he gained perfect control over his aura and it increased to the point where it could only be called almost monstrous.

Natural-Born Holy Sword Wielder: As a Knight of the Du Lac family, Galahad has the ability to wield any Holy Sword in existence. This includes his families prized Holy Sword, Arondight.

Magic Resistance: Training as a Knight, Galahad has gained a high resistance to magic and magical attacks.

Immense Strength: Being born with strong genes from his mother, Galahad has high-levels of raw physical strength. His physical prowess is mainly shown in his teenage years against High-Class Devils eventually becoming the youngest to be promoted to Paladin. Gawain even declared that Galahad would without a doubt become one of the strongest Knights in History. Further training until adulthood developed his strength to the point where he became the Head Paladin.

Immense Speed: Galahad can move at god-like speed to the point where it was difficult to tell where it was difficult to keep up with him.

Immense Durability: Galahad possesses very insane levels of durability to the point where he was capable of taking attacks from High-Class Devils, Demons and Monster without taking any visible injuries.

Immense Stamina: Due to his intense training and experiences in the Chivalric Order, Galahad can fight for several hours even days while still remaining at full strength.

Master Swordsman: As a testament to his strength and skills, Galahad mastered Arondight, the Light of the Lake and Ultimate Dragon-Slayers to the point where he could harm the souls of dragons even with them being sealed in Dragon-Type Sacred Gears. Even after being turned into a teenager, Galahad was skilled enough to challenge and kill the current Head Paladin and the six Paladin who took over after his apparent death.

Immense Combat Skill: Despite being a Human normally be weaker than Devils and other supernatural beings, Galahad is a top-notch fighter. Even in his teenage years, he has proven several times that he could fight against High-Class Devils and Monsters all by himself. As a true testament to his abilities, Galahad soon became the youngest amongst them to become a Paladin at the age of sixteen. In his adulthood, Galahad became the Head Paladin capable of easily taking on even Ultimate-Class Devils. (This fact remains even with his current appearance). 


Arondight: Galahad's main weapon. A powerful holy sword trumped only by Caliburn and the Light of the Lake. It can generate an extremely massive amount of holy aura that surpasses that of Excalibur and Durandal. Arondight is also imbued with powerful Dragon-Slaying capabilities, which allows it to cut through the scale even High-Tier Dragons. In fact, it's Dragon Slaying abilities are powerful enough for it to be known as both the Ultimate Dragon Slayer and feared by Dragons as the Butcher of Dragons.


  • Galahad is the second one in the Du Lac family to unlock the War God Mode.

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