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Game of the Gods is an Alternate Universe (AU) fanfiction that is OC-centric. It takes place after the main character, who is known by the name Kanzaki, is murdered at the hands of the yakuza.

Synopsis Edit

Kanzaki liked to believe in two things in life. The first one was that life could go screw itself in the ass. The second one was that his sister's were the most important things to him in the world, and that belief went as far as striking deals with the yakuza.

However, not even a young adult can withstand the deals that were needed for the money that was required to pay for his sisters schooling fees, and one thing lead to another. Kanzaki fell into debt. His sisters were beginning to be harassed by the yakuza in public, and that was only the start of it.

Then the fateful night came. Kanzaki tried his hardest to save his sisters, but in the end, he failed, but not without a victory against the yakuza leader, the action in the last moments of his life that sent his soul headfirst into a flurry of events that would change the whole universe as he knew it.

Author's Comment Edit

This story can be expected to turn into something dark very quickly, even though not many chapters are out yet. Game of the Gods is more of an experiment for me. It's also a way for me to test my writing skills and my capability to transfer emotions and images into the mind of the readers. With that aside, I hope you enjoy this story! I'd love it if people who read it can critique it, no matter how harsh the words may be.

I also have a fanfiction account! Feel free to check it out! It's "frekat", the same name I have on wikia, and the other stories aren't as good as Game of the Gods.

Story Chapters (AKA "Acts") Edit

  1. Prologue
  2. Act 1 - Strange Serenity

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