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Throughout his travels between Aussengraht & Oustergraht, Geist has developed immense dislikes, annoyances, threats, killing, and rekindled relationships throughout the series, in the Three Factions and other mythological factions.

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Vintes D. Lucifer: Edit

Since their first meeting, Geist and Vintes has a long, love-hate brotherly relationship with one another, having been friends and rivals to one another. It was noted that this love-hate relationship started when Raizel revealed that Geist and Vintes were fighting over the love of Marie Andromalius, who were their respective first love. Though Geist and Vintes studied together, and had the same starting point as Rating Game players and Generation of Miracles, their path changed it drastically, since their first love, Marie Andromalius was executed, leaving each other as bitter enemies to one another. The reason Vintes hates Geist more, was because he was given an ultimatum to kill his peerage, including Marie, who was his queen at the time, when he was forced by the current government, under order of Lord Bael and corrupted nobles to kill his peerage in front of the people of the Underworld during his treason, for the sake of his families' life.

After Marie died, each took their path to carry the sins. Vintes seeks to destroy and recreate the world that took Marie's life, while Geist seeks to conquer and change the world that took Marie's life. Elizabeth Focalor noted that the only similarity that Geist and Vintes share is their sorrowful eyes and heart.

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