"I don't remember doing any of this..."

This character, Gek Anders, inserts itself on the canon timeline and makes history with canon characters. S/He is probably better than Issei, in more ways then one and may snag himself/herself a few of his well known girls as well.

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Gek Anders
Gek Anders
Gek Anders
Kana クレイジーそうでなければ
Romaji Gecu Andurs
Race Demon
Nicknames Dark Assassin
Demon 10
Skull Face (By Hakai Keiji)
Hair Color None
Eye Color Red
Equipment Darkness Manipulation
Personal Status
Relatives 666 (Trihexa) (Creator)
Affiliations Dark Harbingers
Status Alive
Ranking Demon God

Gek Anders is a demon and a part of the Dark Harbingers. Demon 10, Gek also serves as the Harbinger's assassin and saboteur.


Gek appears human of normal height, with the only oddity is that his head is a black skull with an eyepatch over his right eye. A glowing red light appears from his left eye. His attire consists of a long-sleeve white shirt underneath a purple vest. Around his neck is a red ribbon with yellow trims and a golden and purple brooch on it. He finishes it with white trousers and black dress shoes. Gek also wears black gloves and can be seen carrying a cane around with a snake-shaped handle.



Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Immense Demonic Power: Like their Devil descandents, Gek and other demons possess demonic power. Along with the rest of the Dark Harbingers, Gek's demonic power excels over that of Satan-Class. His mere presence was enough to unnerve several Ultimate-class Devils and kill them with ease.



Darkness Manipulation: Like other Demons, Gek can manipulate darkness for various purposes. He normally uses it to form wings for flight as well as offense, in the form of shooting bullets made from darkness from his fingers.

Demon Control:

Immense Strength:

Immense Durability:

Immense Speed and Reflexes:

Master Swordsman:




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