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The Giant Harem Flying Fortress

The Giant Harem Flying Fortress(巨大なハーレム飛行要塞; Kyodaina hāremu hikō yōsai), previously known as Ryuuteimaru(龍帝丸; Ryūteimaru) was the Familiar of Issei Hyoudou in the Highschool DxD canon lore, and now serves as the main transportation device for the Weiß team to travel around the Dimensional Gap in the Highschool DxD: Яe-birth continuity. Originally forged by the tribe called Ívaldi, Arthuria Pendragon found a damaged and wandering Ryuuteimaru while travelling the Dimensional Gap looking for Great Red. It was later adopted by herself and renamed as itself. It became part of the Weiß team since. For whatever reason, it can only respond to either Elizabeth or Arthuria, and from time to time, members will hear it moan "Master" in isolated places of the ship.

History Edit

Originally known as Ryuuteimaru and being the familiar of Issei Hyoudou, it was lost in hystory after the Great Apocalypse, the ultimate confrontation between Great Red and 666(Trihexa). Since it dissapeared without leaving any traces and with the death of the original Issei Hyoudou, his spirit now one with Great Red, the Skíðblaðnir was deemed MIA and presumely dead. What no one knew at the time, however, was that Ryuuteimaru actually escaped through a gap to reach the dimension in Between the worlds in search for Great Red and, by default, it's master.

After decades of search, the ship which developed to the point of a giant fortress was found by Arthuria Pendragon in one of her trips around the Dimensional Gap, and tamed the beast for herself. Seeing the legacy by the previous owner, the red dragon Emperor, Elizabeth renamed it The Giant Harem Flying Fortress, and since them utilize it for safe transportations around the Dimensional Gap, as well as a battleship for major conflicts.

Overview Edit

The giant Harem Flying Fortress, unlike most familiars, seems to be now devoided of any emotion, only following orders of it's master to take whatever passangers to any location it wants safely. However, the ship apparently also holds some sense of self-awareness and preservation, since in major battles it'll flee from the battlefield in order to avoid taking some major damages. It's also equipped with several cannons and missile-launchers in order to help others defend themselves and itself.

The ship is also spacious enough to carry around a small army, and with enough rooms and storages to keep a small platoon within it for months.For whatever reason, it'll moan "Master~" around the more isolated places, scarying those who are unaware of the ship's origins.

Current passengers Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The image used is from the Ghost Kishin ship Niddhogg from the Soul Eater series.