The Golden Children is a term coined during an interview to describe the eleven strongest young devils of their current generation. They all possess extraordinary powers making them all runner ups to become very noble and important figures in the Underworld Society.

Some of them are even heirs to their clans with the exception of Yusei, they all have a rivalry with each other and some of them are friends, with the most hated by all the children being Kale Belphegor.


Names Image Info
Rias Gremory
Heir to the Gremory Clan, Rias is expected to be one of the strongest of the Golden Children because she possess the famous Power of Destruction.
Sona Sitri
Sona anime
Heir to the Sitri Clan, Sona is expected to be one of the strongest of the Golden Children due to her sister being a Satan and possessing her family's water magic. She is also the second smarter of all the Golden Children.
Yusei Satan Lucifer Because both of his clans are extinct (with the exception of Rizevim and Vali) his clan is basically lost. He plans on rebuilding it using his evil pieces and is sort of hated by most of the older devils because he is the grandson of Rizevim of the Lucifer Clan and the Satan Clan who both left and became Extra Demon clans.
Finn Belial
Untitled e2f1a0 5131248
The most loved and charming of all the Golden Children. He is loved by most of the younger devils because of his kind and charming personality but some of the older devils thinks this makes him soft. When fighting he becomes like a different person who doesn't accept defeat. He is also considered one of the strongest because he possess the "Cancel" clan ability of the Belial Clan.
Sairaorg Bael
He wasn't considered a very special devils until he announced on the live interview that he was going to defeat his brother and retake his clan. After accomplishing that feat he is known as one of the strongest of the Golden Children.
Kyo Dantalion The Heir to the Dantalion Clan who possesses the famous "Unholy Lightning" of the clan. He is the wild card of the group due to always taking vacations and leaving unexpectedly. Due to being the second most charming (behind Finn) he has a lot of devils trying to have their daughters married off to him. He joins the Shadow Society along with Lucien and Marcellus.
Seekvaira Agares The twin sister of Marcellus Agares, due to being a twin she is in competition with her brother to be the clan's heir. She is very talented in magic causing her to possess one mutation knights and one mutation bishop. She is also talented, being very good at her family's gravity and time manipulation abilities. Her parents and Yusei's adoptive parents (Lord Gremory and Venelana) are trying to get the two to get married in hopes that this will cause a alliance between the two clans.

Seekvaira Agares and Her Peerage

Marcellus Agares The twin brother of Seekvaira, due to being her twin sister he is in competition with her to be the clan's heir. He is very talented in magic causing him to possess one mutation rook and one mutation knight. He is also talented, being very good at his family's gravity and time manipulation abilities. After the timeskip during his inauguration he becomes a member of the Shadow Society with Lucien and Kyo.

Marcellus Agare's Peerage

Kale Belphegor Hated by almost all of the other children because of his racism and hatred towards Yusei for not being a pure devil. He is one of the strongest winning two whole rating games and is the only one with a full peerage. He is talented in his family's "Seven Flames of Sin" clan technique. He is also second (if Seekvaria's and Yusei's parents fail) to marry Seekvaira due to a deal but the Gremory's and Agares' don't want this because they think of Kale is psychopath. But due to his family's money and influence in the King Faction without the marriage to Yusei there is a chance they could lose.
Bell Cimerius Coming from a family of extra demons, it is strange that she is even seen as worthy to be given the name of a "Golden Child" and she also doesn't have very remarkable power. But due to working right under Ajuka and her high intelligence caused her to become very famous. She is smarter and a better tactician than even Sona.
Cerena Amon A soft spoken and timid girl. She is a hand to hand combat type like Finn and Sairaorg and very rarely uses actual magic except to power up her body and senses.

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