The peerage of Gray Dantalion that appears in DxD: Dragon of the Apocalypse. His peerage is famously known for being one of the strongest young devils peerage. Two members of the peerage are unknown because they never had been used in a fight. Every member of his peerage is a middle class devil albeit his queen who is a high class devil. Despite being a high class devil, she chooses to stay by Gray's side instead of making her own peerage, deciding that she would rather wait until she's ready. Rating Game Record: 5 wins an 2 Losses


Gray Dantalion (King) Edit


Gray Dantalion is the King of the peerage. The famous young devil who gave up his position as the head of the Dantalion household because he didn't want to give up his dreams. He is currently working in Kuoh Academy as the History Teacher, he is also the mentor and guardian of Ichiro Pendragon, a order given to him by both Serafall and Diehauser. He is known as one of the strongest young devils of his generation.

Mika Misa (Queen) Edit

2. Queen-0

Mika Misa is the queen of Gray Dantalion. She is also known for being a great strategist. She is the only member of his peerage who has the rank of a high class devil. Despite this, due to her undying loyalty to Gray for saving her life, she chooses to stay as Gray's servant, saying she would start gathering her own peerage when she's ready. Currently, she is in Domino City with the rest of Gray's peerage.

Zack Dantalion (Bishop) Edit

3. Bishops (2)

Zack Dantalion is the adoptive, younger brother of Gray Dantalion. He is the youngest member of Gray's peerage, Being only 13 years of age. Despite this, like all Gray's other servants he's a middle class devil. He's known as the smartest of all of Gray's servants. Is known for mischievous behavior due to pulling a wide variety of pranks around the underworld.

Akiza Amari(Bishop) Edit

Tsukiko-tsutsukakushi-anime-mobile-wallpaper-1080x1920-5366-2783010550 (1)

Akami is the bishop of Gray Dantalion, a smart girl with a high affinity to magic. She is shown to be mostly calm and caring and is the best at planning when it comes to Gray's peerage. She is the second person in his peerage to possess a sacred gear, called Gravity Jail. It has the power to increase or decrease the gravity of anything in her sight. She mostly uses it to continuously manipulate gravity to make hitting opponents easier. She became Gray's servant after a car accident left her crippled from the waist down and her parents made a deal with the latter, she is a expert as ESP being born a natural psychic. After being reborn as a devil, she gains the ability to walk again. She is the one who moves with Gray when he comes to Kuoh Academy to be his servant. She also possesses the ability to allow people to enter someone's mind. Coming from a family of beast tamers, she has the ability to tame monsters but so far she only possesses a Bakeneko youkai.

Sasori (Mutation Knight) Edit

4. Knight

Sasori is the mutation knight of Gray Dantalion, a cold boy with a anti-social personality. He was experimented on by Valper Galiel, due to the experiments, he gains the ability to manipulate sand as if it was his own body. Sasori, despite being a fallen angel still possesses snow white wings as if he was still a angel. He currently is the second strongest out of all of Gray Dantalion's servants (behind Mika Misa).

Alexis Admonish (knight) Edit


A nekomata orphan that Gray found in England. His father's servant advised him not to waste his evil piece but Gray ignored the servant and turned the girl into his knight. She is hyperactive and mischievous but turns serious when she fights is a bit of a sadist and masochist that enjoys and loves to inflict pain. Has a intense rivalry with Koneko Toujou who is know as her "greatest rival" due to them both being Nekomatas whereas Koneko is a rook and Alexis is a knight (speed v.s. strength rivalry).

Raikou (Rook x2) Edit

Raikou is a very powerful thunder spirit. Capable of destroying entire valleys with blasts of thunder. Gray acquired this beast when he was called by the demonic council to stop a monster that was destroying towns in the Demon World. After he defeated the monster with the help of his entire peerage. He then used a powerful sealing spell that he acquired from Sairaorg. After sealing it he used his evil pieces to gain mastery over the beast. Raikou is a massive (five meters tall), demon-like monster with dark blue skin, a tail resembling a cobra, and the horns of a mountain goat. Its main weapon was an equally massive Zanbato sword. He is capable of causing rain storms and can hurl blasts of blue thunder from his mouth. The physically strongest of all of Gray's peerage.

Saturn Judai (pawn x4) Edit

Luna (pawn x4) Edit

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