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We will stop Havoc! Not because we care about the humans but because we are the rightful rulers! No one deserves to take that away from us!

–Anti Havoc's motto

HavocEX (Havoc Extermination Team), or informally known as Anti-Havoc, is a group created by the Longinus Countermeasures Program. This team includes only the finest champions from each race whom are willing to fight for their right to rule the world. The group was formed with the intent to eradicate Havoc and any person or group that affiliate themselves with them.


After Havoc had grown a name for itself from causing mass destruction, murder and riots throughout multiple cities were happening very frequently. Due to this, the supernatural factions decided that they had enough. They resolved to create a group formed entirely of pure-blooded and hybrid supernatural creatures so long as they don't have human heritage in their blood. The group was formed in direct opposition to the ideals of Havoc that the humans rightfully owned the world. A common misconception is that the group was formed to keep the peace, but this isn't the case. It was formed in order to keep the status quo of supernatural superiority. Even though the bulk of the group doesn't have Sacred Gears (the ones that do got them artificially), the individual members themselves have enough strength and power to make up for it.

Recruiting MethodEdit

Most members were scouted because of their heritage or their skills in combat. Some of the members decided to join out of their own free will while others were bribed into it.




  • The group's name was changed three times so far
  • The idea of an anti-Havoc is based off the Jaegers from Akame Ga Kill