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Hibiki Minegishi
Romaji Minegishi Hibiki
Race Former Fallen Angel/Human Hybrid
Dragon/Fallen Angel/Human
Nicknames Crime Force Dragon (Shared with Grendel)
Red Prince of The Grigori
Leader of The Grigori Vanguard Squad
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Equipment Grendel Buster
Personal Status
Relatives Azazel (Father)
Himiko Minegishi (Mother)
Kazuya Kuze (Half-Brother)
Kaoru & Hikaru Miyamoto (Surrogate Sibling)
Affiliations Grigori
Grigori Vanguard
Kuoh Acadamy (2nd Year)
Status Active
Ranking Host of Grendel
Leader of Grigori Vanguard Squad
Hibiki Minegishi is the protagonist of the fanfiction DxD: Black and Purple Kings. He is the first of two of Azazel's hybird sons, the second being Hibiki's half-brother Kazuya Kuze.

He is the current host of the Evil Dragon Grendel, and Leader of the Grigori Vanguard Squad.

Appearance Edit

Hibiki has a laid-back appearance and is inferior in stature to many around him. He has both red eyes and red hair, the pupils of his eyes take the shape of the four pointers of a compass. His face is usually covered in either bandages or bruises, mainly from training.

He is a thin teen with a short build and he wears the Vanguard Squad uniform, which is modeled after school uniforms. It consists of a black blazer trimmed in golden yellow, and black pants, and Hibiki usually switches the normal button-ip for a hoodie.

When not in his official uniform, he has been seen wearing a normal sweatshirt and jeans. He seems to slouch while sitting and buckles his knees near his midsection.

Personaility Edit

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