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High School DxD: Revival is a fanon story made by 兵藤 一誠.

This fanfiction is published in FanFiction, as well. You can read it here.


The story is about the mysterious figure, Giichi Yerhze, who seems to be OP, yet has a great regret. Over what is he regreting? Would he atone for that? Would he fix that? Or would he try to live peacefully? Or will he try to achieve more than he did before his regret? Interested? Continue and read for more information, if you really want, and if you really are intrested, that is.

Author's NotesEdit

The names in this story don't really have any meaning. Although, I think about changing this fanon story, and not a bit, starting with giving a meaningful names, which will also change most of this fanon story.

This fanfiction is published in FanFiction, as well. You can read it here.

Also, I have made PDFs, which are something like version 2 of this. Including: Corrections (grammar), visuals (not pictures, but rather enjoyable and pretty font), and even further more than that! Uploaded to Google Drive.


Here, there will be updates, so it will be conveinent for you, the readers. I will, too, post my estimated finishing time of each thing, if you ask, and will post here, too.

PDF ReleasesEdit


First Story Arc: As a Warrior, As a Hyoudou Warrior!

Volume 1: Regret, Resolve And Decision

Volume 2: Clan vs Clan, Warrior vs Warrior, Ahrle vs Shar'Crave!

Second Story Arc: The Cruel Truth And The Resolve

Volume 3: Cruel Truth

Volume 4: Belial of Championship Complex

Volume 5: Giichi of the Nothingness

Volume 6: Maou of the Misfortune


  • Giichi's (former) last name, "Yerhze", is based on Giichi's killer's (last) name, "Shar'Crave Yerlyi".
    • It is pronounced with "h", too.
  • Seems that two of the previous Satans (Ajuka Beelzebub and Sirzechs Lucifer) haven't had their position taken from them, probably because of their strength.

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