High School of Purgatory
Life 0
Vital statistics
Author Penhaligon
Illustrator Unknown
Published on 09/08/15
Published by Unknown
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Unknown Unknown
High School of Purgatory (煉獄のハイスクール Rengoku no Haisukūru) is a fanon story written by Penhaligon. It tells the story of Zachary White, a boy who finds himself hunted by Fallen Angels due to having a extremely rare Sacred Gear in his body

Synopsis Edit

The live for Zachary was easy since the start. Parents that would do anything for him, wonderful best friends and an incredible girlfriend… This is, before an Angel and a Devil resolve to became his guardians. Ending in a draw, he discovers that the duo was sent because the Fallen Angels want him for unknown reasons. With the Purgatory Blade, an Sacred Gear with an unusual ability, and being forced to cooperate with the brave Anael and the impetuous Dateth in order to survive

Characters Edit

Protagonists Edit

Story Arcs and Lifes Edit

Legacy of the Burning Angels Edit

  1. Life 1 - Light and Darkness
  2. Life 2 - Underworld
  3. Life 3 - Wings of Shadow
  4. Life 4 - All In the Long Afternoon

Trivia Edit

  • Before the current plot was developed, the story went through many changes, and the original storyline had nothing in common with this one, except the names of the main trio
  • The storyline of the first story arc is very isolated on the main characters, and its around 16-18 characters only. The planned second one is much more opened to new characters

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