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Is Fanon series created by Trapmaniac.

Sypnosis Edit

My name is Niki Kamata, i'm so popular among both genders until they found me only male-girl maniac... but i don't care! I'll abandon it all for male-girl harems! I think desire is not fulfilled while i killed by mysterious killer.

I revived by Lagred-tan my cute kouhai! He so cute even i want him crossdress as male-girl! As an addition he's devil...

And my life as devil is begin~!

Stories Edit

Arc 1: My Dawn In Diabolicus Council Edit

Arc 2: Phoenix in case of Calamity Cell. Edit

Arc 3: Midsummer Crisis Edit

Trivia Edit

  • I use Section as term of chapter instead life.
  • New Life replaced by New Section.
  • I don't own rights of canon DxD.