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Highschool DxD: Love and War is a fanfiction written by MihoRyudo. Mariko Higurashi returns to Kuoh to finally reunite with her child hood best friend Issei Hyoudou.


Issei's childhood best friend, Higurashi Mariko moved in Kyoto for a year. During their middle school years, She was oblivious that Issei had a crush on her but apparently only likes Issei as a brother. One year later, she returned in Kuoh and wants to surprise Issei for her return. Mari noticed that the town feels different than before. What mysteries and adventures lies ahead? Will she find out about her true identity? How will the dispute among the three faction affect their friendship?

Prologue Edit

(.....A young girl stares out the window as she reminisces her childhood.)

“Sei-chan! Sei-chan! Promise me we won’t leave each other’s side no matter what?”

“Mhm! I promise Mari-tan! We will always be best friends.” A boy with brown hair makes his vows to the young girl.”

As they both smile and chuckle, the boy offers his pinky to her.

Out of curiosity she questions him on what he’s insinuating.

“Here, if we’re going to make a promise then we need to do a pinky swear!”

“Ahhh! That’s amazing! Okay let’s pinky swear each other then.”

Their pinky intertwines with each other and they both lock it as a symbol of their never ending friendship.


Mariko Higurashi, currently in second year of high school has moved out of Kyoto to return to her hometown Kuoh.

Her foster mother has decide for them to come back because of two reasons; Mariko and Kokoro has been homesick for the past two years of them residing Kyoto, thus as a business woman, her company is in need of her help again once more.

It’s been awhile since Mariko has made contact with Issei. It’s not like she’s forgot about him. She has been busy recently with finishing school and packing.

Issei on the other hand, he has been going through a lot ever since he became a devil. His job as a Gremory’s servant, he doesn’t have any time to make contact with Mariko that much. However, on rare occasions, he does keep in touch with her every now and then if he has the time to.

He’s not aware of his best friend’s return because she intends to keep this as a surprise.

That’s not the only surprise for him….

There will be also an unpredictable events that both for them are destined to happen.

What will it be?