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This article, Highschool DxD: Next, is the sole property of Silver, and cannot be edited, used, or anything else for that matter without my permission.

Highschool DxD: Next is a fanon story based off the work of Ichiei Ishibumi's Highschool DxD.

This is written by The Silver Ace. I will be using some canon characters and items, but everything else is my own.


Leon Sitri is a Devil and the heir to the Sitri Family, as well as, a student at Kuoh Academy. Not everything is as peaceful as it seems. From the shadows, stirs a threat that will wreck chaos through the world.  This may even cause the treaty between the Three Faction to break, as it will aid in their goal to destroy everything. This threat must be stopped for everyone's sake.

Leon leads the next generation of Devils to fight this evil threat.


Im not really good at backstories and such like this. So I did the best I could.

Volume 1Edit

  1. The New Devils

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