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Highschool DxD: The King of Lions is a fanfiction story written by HolyKnightsofTheRoundTable.
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Plot Edit

The story revolves around Lyonel Mycenae, a descendant of Perseus and a high school student attending Kuoh Academy, a former all-girls school that has recently turned co-ed. He lives a normal life despite his past and his knowledge of the supernatural world. He is soon thrust into the world that he was avoiding when he awakens his Sacred Gear.

The next day, Lyonel wakes up to find a naked Rias in his bed. After learning that the woman he loves is a Devil, Lyonel's life is changed when he learns that he is the next Shishiou.

Story Arcs Edit

The Lion King's Awakening is the first arc of the story and follows the first two volumes of the series. Rise of the Dark King is the second story arc and follows volumes three through six. Fall of the Dark King will be the third story arc that follows volumes seven through twelve of the series. The King and his Pride will be the fourth arc that follows the current arc of the series.

Author's Notes Edit

Not much to say other than that I started this story after I got bored of my Fairy Tail one. Most of the stories that on fanfiction always revolve around the OC getting turned into a Devil and it gets boring after reading the same scenario over and over again. So I decided to write one where the OC is a human and wields Regulus Nemea, a Sacred Gear that isn't used a whole lot for other OCs.

One more thing that I would like to add is that I am currently rewriting my chapters into First-Person POV.

Other Characters Edit

Other Characters in the story who are present in the story.

Past Possessors of the Regulus Nemea Edit

The past possessors of the Regulus Nemea whose consciousness are all stored within the Regulus Nemea.

Lucian Edit

Lucian was the first wielder of the Longinus and was considered to be the strongest possessor before Lyonel possessed the Sacred Gear. Along with Lyonel and Serena, he is the only one of the past possessors to unlock the Balance Breaker of Regulus Nemea.

Serena Edit

Serena was a woman known as the strongest female possessor and the second wielder of the Longinus.

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