Highschool Dxd The Beginning is a fanon story created by Shadow Red Earth Dragon. It is about a sinful Angel, Demon Hybrid who has come to the lord, the God of the Bible, for help.


My story was untold. My story didn't exist, until they learn my "name". The father in heaven is somewhere, I just don't know where and that's why I need to find him.

Introduction: My name is Elijah, for it means "The Lord is my God" and I will find my father. This is the story how the most sinful so-called 'human' has come to the Lord who was assumed he is dead. The story starts Here.

Author's NotesEdit

There will be some mistakes and more to the story so don't worry. I will fix it till it makes sense.

Characters Edit

Main characters

Volume 1, first half Charaters

  • Amy
  • Uzza
  • Andras
  • Lilyan

Volume 1, Second half characters

  • Valafar

Volume 1Edit

Volume 2 Edit

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