I have a lot of people who are important to me...especially her. That's why, I won't lose sight of myself, otherwise, I'll stop being the person they know. And, to them...and even myself, that fate is like death.

–Hikari's Resolve to never change who he is

Hikari Kibou
Hikaru (Driver) and Norne (Back)
Kana 光 希望
Romaji Kibō Hikari
Race Human
Nicknames Hika-chan (by various)
Hikari-sama (by fairies)
Knight of Tam Lin
Fairy Fencer
Traitor (by Cao Cao)
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Soft Green
Equipment Freagarach
Azure Ruler
Song of the Forgotten Hymn
Personal Status
Relatives Zero (Wife)
Miabi Kibou (Daughter)
Sachi Kibou (Daughter)
Affiliations Land of the Fairies
Kuoh Academy (First Year Student)
Status Alive
Ranking Paladin
Hikari Kibou is the main hero and protagonist of Wings of a Fairy's Blade.

Despite being an average human, Hikari was raised for the majority of his whole life in the Land of the Fairies, and has since then, lived with them, and his childhood friend, Norne. He was trained in the ways of knighthood, and was eventually christened as the Knight of Tam Lin (タム林の騎士, Tamu-rin no kishi), a position usually reserved for those of nobility, and thus, he is a Paladin, and a member of the Fairy Queen's Royal Guard, the Aegis.

Hikari is also a descendant of the famed Irish hero, Lugh, who was considered to be like a god to the Fairies, and looked after them. Because of this lineage, Hikari was well-respected, and was taught in the art of swordsmanship, eventually receiving his ancestor's blade, Freagarach, which is said to cut through anything. He is also the husband of the Intoner, Zero, and the father of the twins, Miabi and Sachi.

Appearance Edit


Hikaru's Full Appearance

Hikari is described as being a relatively 'cute' person, but also has a somewhat feminine face, which he claims to have caused more trouble than he likes. He is of average height, and has light blonde hair that is slightly messy and rather wavy, and has soft green eyes. He is commonly seen wearing a plain white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and black trousers. He wears the Kuoh Academy uniform in a traditional manner, wearing the blazer closed. He also has a silver ring on his fourth finger, which has a light blue gem embedded into it. Around his neck is two necklaces, the first being in the shape of two swords crossed over one another with a pair of fairy wings behind them, this being the insignia of the Knight of Tam Lin. The second necklace is much shorter in length, and has five beads, each with a different color; yellow, green, purple, blue, and white.

Personality Edit

Hikari is very awkward about modern day society, having lived in Fiore, the Land of the Faires' Capital City, for almost his entire life. He is completely unaware of the social norms, such as women and men being in separate baths, or the idea of marriage being done at an older age. He also has an unlucky habit (or lucky habit, as stated by the Perverted Trio) of finding himself in perverted situations, such as catching a full view of Katase and Murayama's panties, or walking in on Akeno and Rias as she is changing in the girls locker room. However, in spite of these faults, Hikari is a very kind and gentle person. He cannot stand to see others in pain, and will do everything he can in order to help them. He has the habit of repaying favors, so long as they are within reason and within his power to do so, which has often led to him being taken advantage of by other students. However, on another note, it has also earned him much attention from the female population of the school.

Hikari is also, surprisingly enough, very pure and chivalrous. When he accidentally saw Katase and Murayama's panties, he apologized profusely with his head on the ground, and willing to accept any punishment they give him. He did the same thing with Rias and Akeno when he walked in on them changing. He also firmly believes that a girl should be protected, as well as respected, hence earning a reputation as a princely-type amongst the students, immediately earning him the ire of Issei, Motohama, and Matsuda. He is even willing to fight to protect others, should they be threatened in any way. He is especially protective of Zero and her sisters, due to the hardships they had suffered. His most notable trait, however, is his faithfulness and unwavering loyality to his friends, kingdom, and wife. Being the father of two children, he does his best to live up to their expectations, and while Zero scolds them profusely, he treats them gently.

History Edit

Among the Fairies Edit

Hikari was born as the descendant of the famed Irish hero, Lugh, though he was unaware of this fact at the time. He grew up leading a relatively normal life, but because of his shyness, he didn't make much friends. He had become an orphan at the age of three, due to a car accident, which left him as the only survivor of the event. He does not have any memories of the event, but he recalls seeing an unknown figure saving him from the burning wreckage. Shortly afterward, he was placed into the foster program. However, when he was five years old, he saw a girl being attacked by a monster, and out of instinct, tried to protect her. While he did end up being seriously injured, he and the girl were saved by a figure with fairy-like wings. He shortly lost consciousness after the end of the battle, but when he awoke, he found himself in an unfamiliar city, and at his bedside was the girl he had tried to save. She introduced herself as Norne, and then tearfully thanked him for trying to save her, while also apologizing for him being injured. Hikari told her it was alright, and that it wasn't her fault for being injured. Recalling the monster, he asked what that creature was.

Norne told him that the monster was a being called an Oni, much to his shock. Before she could explain further, the woman who saved the two entered the room. As it turns out, the woman was Norne's mother, Silfa, whom she claimed was the best soldier in all of the kingdom. This immediately earned confusion from Hikari, as he then asked where he was. Further adding to his shock, Silfa told him that he was in the Capital of the Land of the Fairies; Fiore. To prove her claim, Silfa showed him her wings, and even demonstrated her magic to him. The woman expected Hikari to be left utterly stunned, but he was instead captivated by it, calling her 'pretty', much to her embarrassment, and to Norne's amusement. Silfa thanked Hikari for saving her daughter, but then scolded him for being so reckless for trying to fight an Oni. When he asked if it was truly an Oni, Silfa explained that all supernatural beings of myths, legends, and fairy tales existed, and that her and the Oni's existence were proof of this.

Hikari then proceeded to ask why the Oni was attacking Norne, with Silfa answering his question. The Oni that attacked them was sent by a rogue Youkai Faction who wanted to instigate a war with the Fairies, as they were very protective of their people due to the low numbers. Norne even claimed that their King would declare an all-out war, if it came down to it, but she said that such a thing hasn't happened in over a hundred years. When Hikari asked why he had been brought to their home, Silfa explained that the Queen wanted to meet with him, and thank him personally for trying to save Norne. Seeing his confusion, Silfa explained that she was the Queen's older sister, but she chose to pass the throne to her sibling, feeling unfit for it. When he realized that he was in the presence of royality, Hikari panicked, apologizing profusely for not showing proper respect, but Norne told him it was alright, as they didn't care for honorifics.

A few days later, Hikari was brought to the Royal Palace. He was then allowed to seek audience with Queen Titania, Silfa's younger sister. Titania thanked him greatly for saving her niece, and apologized that he had been thrown into their problems, but Hikari told her that he couldn't stand seeing people getting hurt, thus he claimed it wasn't their fault, but rather the result of his own actions. Titania was greatly impressed by this, but lamented by saying that, because Hikari had become aware of their existence, he was not allowed to leave Fiore, out of fear of being discovered by outsiders. To her surprise, Hikari said that he didn't mind, as he didn't have any family to go back to anyway. When questioned by Silfa, he explained that he had lost his parents three years ago, he had lost his parents, and had been put into a foster home. While his foster parents were kind to him, he didn't feel attached to them, and felt quite distant.

Touched and saddened by his story, Silfa asked if Hikari wanted to stay in Fiore. Having grown close to Norne in a short amount of time, he said he wanted to stay, as his leaving would make Norne sad, which he claimed that he didn't want. Amused by this, Titania allowed him to stay in Silfa's care, and since then, he was raised as one of their own. At some point in time, Silfa had also taught Hikari the art of swordsmanship, and also began to teach him in the ways of knighthood alongside Norne, who wanted to become a knight as well. Somewhere during their training, Norne took him to the old shrine, which was considered to be forbidden ground, and no one was allowed to enter, sans the elders. Hikari was initially against it, but soon began to feel drawn to the place as they got closer. Unfortunately, the guard on duty at that time was Silfa. She was angered by the fact that Norne had tried to sneak inside, but grew disturbed when Hikari became closer to the edifice, immediately warning him to return, as if he did not, he would be severely punished. To her shock, however, the object within the edifice began to glow, and shattered apart to reveal a silver blade, which Silfa immediately identified as Freagarach, the sword once used by Lugh, a powerful Irish Hero and demi-god, who was considered to be like a God to the Fairies. When the sword seemingly latched itself unto his hands, it was revealed that Hikari was, in truth, a descendant of Lugh. When Silfa reported this to her sister, Titania chose not to punish the two children, but upon learning that Hikari was now the chosen wielder of his ancestor's sacred blade, she placed him under the tutelage of Mab, a powerful sorceress.

When he was twelve years old, Hikari had completed his training, and was given the position as the Knight of Tam Lin, a title that was only given to those born of noble status. While this had caused some concerns among the higher class, Titania had revealed that HIkari was the wielder of Freagarach, the holy sword used by Lugh, hence marking him as his descendant. All concerns died immediately after, and soon, everyone in the Capital referred to Hikari with the suffix of "-sama," much to his embarrassment. After the knighting ceremony, Hikari and Norne, who had also finished her training, were transferred to the Royal Guard, where they were both given the rank of Paladin, in light of their outstanding achievements during their training.

A World of Flowers - Zero's Requiem Edit

A year later, Hikari was tasked with investigating an odd disturbance in the Forest of the Spirited, a territory shared between the Sylphs and the Spriggan clans. According to the reports, a mysterious phenomena occurred, where the light within the forest would mysteriously be swallowed up by a black void. Hikari investigated the mysterious void, as requested, but when he got too close, he was suddenly pulled in. He was later revealed to be unconscious from being pulled inside the void, and later awoke, only to find himself in a forest that held no trace of the blessings of the Fairies. Worried, Hikari looked for a way out, and soon discovered an amazing sight; a white dragon. It was apparently still only a child, as it was rolling and playing around in the mud. As he was about to speak with the dragon, a woman emerged from a nearby shack, and screamed at the beast for it stop.

Afterwards, Hikari asked the woman where he was. Unfortunately, due to sensing his power, which felt unnatural and unfamiliar, the woman attacked him. It was a fierce battle, with the woman seemingly holding the upper hand until Hikari began to use his Fairy magic, which was taught to him by Silfa. After pushing the woman back, she began to question him if he was a "Servant of One," only for Hikari ask who she was talking about. Before he could question her further, the woman attacked him again, only now she was far more stronger, as despite her wounds, she was still capable of fighting; even more staggering was that her power had suddenly increased, and a strange song began to play. The song seemed to bring about an old memory in Hikari's past, having heard a song his mother sung for him whenever he suffered from nightmares. Unconsciously, he began to sing the song during the battle. For an unknown reason, the woman began to writhe in pain, screaming in agony as the flower over her eye was beginning to darken. Upon reaching the second verse of the song, the flower from the woman's eye suddenly bursts into dark energy, forming into a malicious black creature, which began to attack Hikari wildly.

Thankfully, however, he was aided by the dragon, who felt a great animosity towards the being, saying it was causing pain to the woman, which he called Zero, and attacked it. With the aide of the dragon, as well as the mysterious power of Hikari's song, the two were able to destroy the creature, which soon faded away, breaking apart and dispersing in the wind. With the battle over, the dragon expressed worry over the unconscious form of Zero, but Hikari said she was fine, as he could tell by her strong magical energy that she was still very much alive. The two then introduced themselves, the dragon calling himself Mikhail, and was traveling with Zero, who was apparently looking for him. Not long afterwards, Zero awoke, apparently confused, but grew hostile when she saw Hikari. She tried to attack him again, but stopped when she noticed that her power had been greatly diminished, even claiming that she could no longer feel the 'flower's' influence.

Hikari asked if she was referring to the flower on her right eye, and then stated that it turned into a monster, which he and Mikhail defeated. Zero, stunned, asked for confirmation for this. Mikhail told her what happened, and that it was Hikari who defeated it. Abashed, he played it off, saying Mikhail helped him, but grew flustered when Zero suddenly hugged him, and in tears, began to thank him profusely. Mikhail was greatly confused by this, saying that the woman never cried, in the short time they've been together. After calming down, Zero introduces herself as Zero the Intoner. When Hikari asks what an Intoner is, Zero expresses surprise, and then asks where he is from, only to express suspicion when he states that he is unable to answer that question, saying he was given orders to investigate the Forest of the Spirited's sudden lack of light, which provided nourishment for the creatures living there. Her suspicion is soon eased when he asks who this "One" person was for her to mistake him as her servant. Zero says that One is her sister, and that she is trying to kill her.

Zero then explains her story to Hikari; Intoners are beings who are capable of performing 'miracles' with the power of songs, bringing forth prosperity and peace to the lands they govern. However, Intoners harbor a dark secret; they possess a chaotic existence that appears in the form of a "flower," which is the source of their power. The "flower's" goal is bring forth the destruction of the world, and to that end, it uses the Intoners. Zero says that One, as well as her other four sisters, were once apart of her, but became separate entities when she tried to kill herself in order to destroy the "flower." To prevent the "flower" from succeeding, Zero embarked on a journey to kill her sisters, and to ensure her success, she required the power of a dragon. She once had a companion named Michael, but he was killed when she tried to kill her sisters a year ago. She also states that Mikhail is the reincarnation of Michael, hence why she sought him out, and required his power to kill One and her sisters.

However, Zero then states that her goal is now impossible, as the only chance she stood against them was with the power of the "flower" she harbored. Hikari then asked her if it was possible for the "flower" to be destroyed any other way, as he is left horrified and worried for Zero, seeing her obvious care for them in spite of her attitude. Zero stated that there isn't one, but then corrects herself, remembering Hikari's power, which caused the flower to suddenly react like that. Upon asking about the nature of his song, he states that he doesn't remember anything about it, other than that his mother sung it to him when he suffered from nightmare. Speculating that his song could allow them to destroy the "flower" without killing the host, Zero then requests his assistance, though she later makes it into a threat, stating that if he refuses, she kill rip out his throat. Hikari, however, felt that simply leaving Zero and her siblings to suffer at the hands of this "flower" was cruel, and immediately agreed to help her.

A World of Flowers - Five's Desire Edit

A few short days later, Zero and Hikari, along with Mikhail, travel to the land of Seas, where Five, the youngest of the Intoners, rule. Hikari asks what the other Intoners are like, and Zero replies that, due to the "flower," it has rapidly increased their aging, so their bodies are older than what they appear. Five is only 2 years old, but has the body of a mature woman, with Zero adding sourly that she also has large breasts, as they possess a part of their features that grows greatly; in Five's case, her breasts. Hikari is embarrassed and quickly tries to change the subject, only for Zero to tease him by further saying that Five is very lewd, and is said to have sex in several different ways with her disciple, Dito. Eventually, they reach their destination, but are quickly met with resistance by both monsters and soldiers. During their brief reprieve before reaching the Land of Seas, Hikari and Zero sparred against one another, in order for Zero to hone her own skills, since the power she possessed thanks to the "flower" was no longer available to her. Eventually, they encounter Five, however Hikari is quickly flustered by her provocative appearance and tells her to cover up. Five, amused, asks if Hikari is Zero's disciple, but Zero says that Hikari is just a means to an end to "beat the shit out of her." After a short conversation, Five's disciple summons the daemon Phanuel, a gigantic crab monster, which then proceeds to try and kill them. Hikari becomes increasingly disturbed by Five's sexual innuendos, as she says that Zero looks much sexier than she did a year ago during their confrontation in the Cathedral City, also commenting that Hikari has a cute, innocent face. Zero, annoyed, tells her to be quiet, though Five mistakes this as affection for Hikari, noting that she's gotten even more cuter.

As the battle progresses, Hikari attempts to use the Song of the Forgotten Hymn, but Zero says it's useless to try and force the "flower" out now, with Five's daemon out. Eventually, Mikhail manages to kill the monster, and then Zero and Hikari begin their battle with Five, who admits that getting to five her "sexy" older sister and "such a cute boy" is getting her wet. Zero, again annoyed, tells her to shut the hell up, and attacks her. Not long into the battle, Five immediately notices that Zero no longer has the power of the Intoner, and bewildered, asks if she really is her older sister. Zero condescendingly tells her that she doesn't need the "flower" to kick the shit out of her, and attempts to cut off her arm, but Five sends her flying. Hikari manages to catch her, and then retaliates by entering the Dragon Stance. Due the unfamiliar presence of his magic, Five asks just what he is, and Hikari announces himself as Paladin Hikari Kibou, the Knight of Tam Lin, and attacks. He manages to knock away her weapon, leaving her open for Zero to stab her in the stomach, and the ram her leg into her head, forcing her back. Before Five has a chance to stand up, Zero impales her again, and pins her to the wall. Zero tells Hikari to use the song, and he begins to sing. Immediately sensing her power growing chaotic and unruly, Five, in a fit of pain, asks if Hikari is an Intoner, but Zero rebukes her by saying that Hikari was "a means to an end" to kill the Intoners. As soon as Hikari reaches the second verse, the "flower" within Five is forcibly manifested, appearing the form of a succubus-like being. Dito, who had not entered the battle, remarks that the monster reminds him of last night's dinner, and decides to help Zero and Hikari, much to their confusion. When Zero asks if he intends on betraying Five, he says that he just really can't stand looking at the monster, saying it's an eyesore, though he also asks if that monster is apart of Five. Hikari says it is the source of her power as an Intoner. Pleased, Dito claims that he is going to take great pleasure in ripping it apart.

After Mikhail manages to bite off it's arm, Dito impales the beast in it's eye, leaving it open for Hikari and Zero to deal the finishing blow, bisecting it. As the monster begins to dissipate, Dito says that he felt much better, having taken out his frustrations on the source of Five's power. Hikari, confused, asks why he was frustrated. Dito says that Five has had sex with several men, much to his displeasure, and as time progressed, he grew very annoyed for reasons he couldn't explain. Hikari suggests that maybe Dito has feelings for Five, but he dismisses this claim, saying that he can't feel love because he's "too fucked up in the head." Zero ponders about whether or not to kill the unconscious Five, but Hikari stops her, saying that while she may not be her actual sibling, she is still a sister, and that family is important. Zero, annoyed by his intervention, asks him why he's so adamant about being a goody-two-shoes, Hikari says that he can't stand seeing others in pain, and seeing the pain the "flower" is causing, he wants to help the Intoners. He also says that he can't stand seeing those sad eyes of hers, rendering Zero speechless, and even, if only for a brief moment, to blush, but angrily says to shut up and turns away, telling him to do whatever the hell he wants. Five wakes up shortly afterwards, remarking that she felt as if she was suffering from a heavy hangover.

As Hikari helps her, Five asks why Zero hasn't killed her yet, aware that had been her greatest desire, but Hikari says that they're trying to save the Intoners. Confused, Five asks just who he is, and Hikari introduces himself, saying that he wants to save her and her sisters. Confused, yet also touched, Five notices that her powers as an Intoner are gone, and asks Hikari if he was the one responsible for that. He tells her that he simply destroyed the "flower," but grows confused when Five asks what he means. Zero informs him that One had never told the other Intoners about the "flower" for unknown reasons. Hikari then explains the reason why Zero wanted to kill the Intoners, much to her annoyance. Five is shocked to learn about the reason behind the Intoners' powers, however she also misinterprets Zero's reason for killing them as "loving them to death," and tells Zero that if she loved her that much, she should have just said so. Zero, annoyed, angrily tells that if she continues to act like an idiot, she'll kill her, though Five hugs her, much to her dismay, with Five claiming that she her tsundere nature makes her just as sexy as she is. Zero takes this as an insult, as she doesn't even know what a tsundere was, and tries to beat Five up. Dito, amused, says that he likes Fiver better now that she isn't an Intoner. Hikari then asks why he hated Five, but Dito says that he doesn't hate her, he is just annoyed with how she has sex with other men, implying that he does have feelings for Five.

When Zero finds a place for them to rest, Five and Dito follow them. The former says that she wants to help them, if this "flower" inside of them is really as dangerous as it is. Zero tells her to do what she wants, and leaves to go off on her own devices while Dito begins to speak with Mikhail, asking him if he's masochist with the way Zero treats him. Five approaches Hikari, asking him where he is from. Due to the rules of the Land of the Fairies, Hikari is not allowed to speak of the lands, telling her that he is simply a long way from home, but when she asks him about family, he says that he lost his parents when he was young, but he found a great family that he wants to protect. He also says that, because of them, he has grown to care about others, even strangers, hence why he cannot stand to leave the Intoners be, and swears to save them. Five asks if that includes Zero. Hikari says that he wants to save her as well, as he can't stand the sadness in her eyes. Hearing this, Five assumes that Hikari is in love with Zero, and overjoyed that she has found someone who cares for her so deeply, Five asks him to take great care of her sister, which Hikari agrees to, unaware of what she believes.

A World of Flowers - Four's Kindness Edit

After a month of traveling, with Hikari, Zero, and Five training within that time, they arrive to the Land of Mountains, where Four resides. Hikari asks what sort of person Four is. Five says that Four is a good girl, but she feels rather inferior to some people. She also says that she is sexually frustrated, flustering Hikari with Zero adding to this by saying that she is the only one among the Intoners that hasn't lost her virginity. Dito crudely remarks that her disciple isn't any better, saying that he's quite the masochist. Five also says that Four is a very familial person who believes in Zero's goodness, though said former Intoner scoffs at the idea of her being kind, but is later embarrassed by Hikari by saying that she is a kind person. Before they can speak any further, they are set upon by the soldiers stationed at the mountain fortress, forcing Mikhail to dismount them and take to the skies. They make quick work of the enemies, and proceed further into Four's territory. Along the way, Hikari also asks Five about the other Intoners, though she says that she hasn't seen them since they became the leaders of their respective territories after Zero attacked them at the Cathedral City a year ago.

The group again mounts Mikhail as they pursue Four and her disciple Decadus, as they are trying to flee from the destroyed fortress. Thanks to Armaros, they are initially unable to get close to them, but Hikari used his Hawk Stance to gather up enough power and deal enough damage to the daemon, allowing Mikhail to kill it. Afterwards, the group boards the ship. Four expresses complete and utter shock when she sees Five with Zero, asking what she is doing with them. Zero says they've come to kill her, leading Decadus to immediately stand between the two. Hikari gently scolds Zero for saying that, and tells the Intoner that they've come to save her and the other Intoners. Confused, Four asked who he is, and immediately becomes both elated and flustered when Five says that Hikari is Zero's lover, much to the two's dismay (the latter being infuriated). Hikari introduces himself as Hikari Kibou, the Knight of Tam Lin, and restates his goal to Four. Five clears up the confusion by revealing the truth behind the Intoners powers.

Four is left horrified, turning to Zero for answers, asking if what Five said is true. Zero confirms this, and states that she wanted to kill her siblings in order to destroy the "flower," hence preserving the world from destruction. However, Zero tells her that goal is now impossible for her, as both she and Five have lost their powers. Four, shocked, asked how this was possible. Five tells her that Hikari's Song of the Forgotten Hymn has the power to forcibly make the "flower" emerge and take on a physical form for them to destroy. With the manifestation gone, the Intoner is then left to become a normal human being. Now understanding Hikari's goals, Four says that she wishes to help him in freeing her siblings from the "flower," and asks him if he can rid her of the "flower." Hikari agrees, and begins to sing, leaving the group to prepare for battle. Upon entering the second verse, the flower emerges in the form of a giant winged, horned creature. It immediately attacks them upon noticing them, and in turn, destroys the airship, leaving the battle to be taken to the air. Mikhail is at first left at a disadvantage, due to the monster's speed, but Hikari uses his Hawk Stance to try and even the odds. Thanks to Dito and Five's distraction, Hikari is able to cut off one of the wings, forcing the battle unto ground.

Unlike the previous monsters, the creature tries to kill the unconscious Four, but is stopped by Decadus, who refuses to allow it. He manages to force the beast back, allowing Dito to sever one of it's legs. Hikari and Five slice off both of it's arms, allowing Zero to stab it's skull, killing it instantly, and leaving it to dissipate. Dito exclaims it was a thrilling experience, and says that they should do this more often, while Zero calls it tiresome. Five, being Five, says the fight was quite exhilarating, as it made her thighs ache, and later asks Hikari if he could alleviate it. Not understanding the innuendo, and believing that she meant massaging her, he agrees, but Zero vehemently interferes with this, telling Five to stop playing around him. Five teases her about having a hardcore crush on Hikari, but she denies this, saying she wouldn't ever fall for a dimwit, though her words lead to Five teasing her more, as she said nothing about her falling for Hikari. Meanwhile, Decadus watches over the unconscious Five, and thanks the young paladin from freeing her from the curse of the "flower."

The group then makes camp, intending to rest for a bit before they make their next voyage. Zero trains with Hikari in order to further hone her skills in anticipation for the battle with Three and One. Hikari asks if they are strong Intoners, and Zero confirms this, though she says that One is on par with her back when she was an Intoner before her meeting with Hikari, while Three is dangerous because of her underlings, which were her test subjects, having been altered and enhanced. Hikari then asks Zero what her life was like before her time as an Intoner. When Zero is silent, he then apologizes, saying he has no business asking about another person's past. Zero agrees with him, but later says that she doesn't want to tell him because he will feel more sorry for her than he already does. Hikari asks what she means by that, and Zero angrily shouts at him, telling him that all he does is feel sorry for others.

Hikari is quiet at first while Zero continues to put him down, but to her surprise, he says she's right, he does feel sorry for others, hence why he wants to help them. He says he can't help who he is, but he also says that he doesn't want that to change either. He states that he has many precious people to him, and that no matter what, he doesn't want to change who he is, comparing it to a fate the same as death. Zero is stunned by this, unable to comprehend the meaning of it before scoffing, saying that such a speech annoys her. However, after hearing this, Zero decides she will tell him, but threatens to kill him if he speaks of her past to anyone else outside of her knowledge. Hikari swears to secrecy.

Zero then told him her past; that she was originally born with the name of Rose. Her oldest memory is her abusive mother yelling at her. Her mother would whip her back constantly until she lost all sensations on it. Zero reasoned that her mother was only raising her in the only way she knew and didn't blame her mother for her cruelty. She accepted long ago that she was an unwanted child and a bothersome pest to her mother's livelihood. Her mother sold her off when she was a child to prostitution.

She once teamed up with a fellow prostitute girl she trusted and decided to call Indigo (based on the color of her eyes). They decided to steal as much gold from the brothel as they could carry. As they ran out of town, a regular costumer of Indigo was waiting for them by the town gate. Indigo and him were determined to kill Zero, as Indigo revealed she only needed her to carry away more gold.

Zero was caught by people from the brothel and brought back. Eventually, she decided to kill everyone in the brothel and to make an escape by herself. She also pocketed all the money she could, but was robbed by bandits later on, barely escaping from being sold into prostitution again. Zero decided to only take as much money as she needed from then on.

Wandering again to a city that didn't know her face, Zero had encountered a man whose name she doesn't remember. He was one of the patrons of the brothel where she worked. While he did recognize her, for some reason, she couldn't bring herself to kill him when he approached her. They lived together within the same house and shared a quaint life of peace together. Zero, however, contracted a deadly and highly contagious illness and, fearing for his life, the man abandoned her, but not before trying to sell her. Zero, however, killed the man by cutting off his head, noting that the man looked surprised in his final moments.

As she continued to wander, Zero had subconsciously decided to kill anyone in sight when she wanted something. She has killed so many people –regardless of age or gender– that she has lost count. One day, she broke into a household for food and killed every single family member. When the eldest daughter asked her reasons for the slaughter before her death, Zero found that she had no real justifications for doing so and merely did it as a reflex.

Zero was ultimately caught, when her illness became too much for her to bear. She was placed in a cell with five other girls that had plotted against the corrupt Lord of the land. These girls were subject to horrible torture, unlike Zero, who was simply given a few lashes instead. The girls all died one by one, with Zero being the last one alive. Finally, Zero's illness caught up with her, as she started coughing up blood. In her last moments, she gazed upon a beautiful pink flower that rose from the ground.

The flower that she saw revived her, taking root deep within her. She became a tool of destruction through which the flower sought to further its ambition of destroying humanity. It gave Zero the power of an Intoner. Zero finished her tale by saying that what happened after that was the story she told Hikari when they first met. To her surprise, Hikari was shedding tears, immensely saddened by her story. Zero is angered by this, claiming that he was just pitying her, but Hikari rebuked this by saying that he didn't pity her, rather he could only grieve for her instead, saying that she deserved none of those hardships. To her surprise, Hikari clasps her hands and tells her that, no matter what, he will protect her, and make her remember the happiness that she had long forgotten. Zero is left utterly stunned by this, and quietly calls him a dimwit, unaware of the blush on her cheeks, and the small smile on her face. The two are unaware of Five and the now conscious Four, who are stunned to learn the truth behind the origins of the Intoners, had overheard Zero's story and Hikari's declaration.

A World of Flowers - Three's Melancholy Edit

The next morning, the group sets out for the Land of Forests, where Three resides. Not long after they arrive, they are approached by an elderly-looking man, who Decadus recognizes as Octa, Three's disciple. Zero is, at first, on edge, but shows surprise when he formally surrenders to then, and begs for their help in stopping Three. Four asks what he means by this. Octa reveals that Three has been experimenting on living human beings, in order to create her "perfect soldiers." Wishing to stop her, Octa aligns himself with the group. As they travel to where Three is, Octa reveals to the group that One has become aware of Hikari's existence as someone who is capable of turning an Intoner into a human being through her letters to Three, and warns him to be careful, telling him that Three has become increasingly interested in him, which he states is a bad thing for a human being. The group encounters several monsters, some of them Octa recognizes as a few of Three's most loyal subordinates.

Eventually, they reach the heart of the forest, where they find Three, sitting atop the head of a large purple doll. Octa begs for Three to stop her actions, but Three ignores him, instead focusing on Hikari. She ignores the group's words completely as she asks him how he is able to turn an Intoner into a human being. Hikari states that the nature of his song is unknown to him, but says that he doesn't care, so long as it saves the Intoners. Three initially mistakes him for a fellow Intoner, but then retracts her statement by calling him a valuable research material, and calls upon several enhanced soldiers. The group manages to repel them, while Octa is continuously trying to plead with her, only to force him to call upon Armisael, and have it attack the group. While Five and Four repel the attack, Hikari is defended by Zero, Dito, and Decadus. He tries to perform the Song of the Forgotten Hymn, but before he can complete the first verse, Three manages to come up from behind him, and force the two disciples and former Intoner back away from him. Three says that she wants to rip open his body and study him in order to learn the truth behind his existence, claiming that he might make the most magnificent doll. However, before she can cut open his chest with her scissors, Octa manages to free Hikari and push his master back.

Before Three can try and capture him again, Zero and Four attack her, forcing her on the defensive. Hikari once again resumes the song, and reaches the second verse, causing Three to scream and convulse in pain as the "flower" is forced to take on a physical form. It then appears to the group as a gigantic sphere with several eyeballs all over it. At first, it appears weak, but to the group's shock, it uses the remnants of Arismael as pawns, seemingly controlling them, and increased their power. Hikari attempts to use the Hawk Stance to try and destroy the monster, but the creature has erected a barrier around itself. Octa observes that the barrier and the remnants of the daemon are linked, thus if they destroy Arismael, the barrier will disappear. Five and Four attack the daemon while Octa, Decadus, and Dito attempt to keep the monster busy while Zero and Hikari provide support for the both of them. When Five destroys the last Arismael doll, the barrier is destroyed, leaving the group to attack it directly.

The battle proves to be difficult, however, as the creature was capable of creating copies of the group, having observed their fighting style. The former Intoners fight their copies while the disciples deal with their own. Hikari struggles against his own copied version, but thanks to Octa, observing that they are unused to fighting the others, creates a switch, leaving the disciples to fight the clones of the former Intoners, Five, Four, and Zero to fight the clone the Hikari, and Hikari with the clones of the disciples. Eventually, they destroy the copies, and then attack the monster all at once, which is left with virtually defenseless. As it is dissipating, Dito insults it by saying that all it did was prolong the inevitable with "cheap-ass parlor tricks." Zero agrees with this, and turns her attention to the unconscious Three. She opts to kill her to prevent her from trying anything with Hikari, but is stopped by Four and Hikari. Octa also begs for her to spare Three, in exchange for his servitude. Zero, annoyed with their pleas, tells them to do whatever they want, but states that if Three becomes a threat, she will kill her. Mikhail arrives, and takes them back to their camp.

To their surprise, they find someone at the camp, who Dito calls the "annoying pretty boy." The stranger, however, is offended by this, saying that he might be pretty, he isn't annoying. He greets the party jovially, introducing himself as Cent, the disciple to the Intoner, Two. Decadus confirms this, and Four adds that Cent is also Two's lover, much to the shock of Hikari. Zero demands to know what he is doing here, assuming he is here to capture Hikari due to his Song of the Forgotten Hymn. Cent says that he is here because of Hikari, but he is not here to take him. Rather, instead, he puts himself on all fours, his head on the ground, and pleads Hikari to help Two by removing her powers as an Intoner. The group expresses surprise, and asks why he would have him remove Two's powers. Three, who recently awakened and overheard Cent's plea, stated that, because of a certain incident, Two was unable to properly control her power, and was left in a catatonic state.

Cent further elaborates on this, saying that, while he and Two were away, the power of her song had somehow gone awry, causing the soldiers Cent placed to guard several children they left behind in the Cathedral City to become monsters. Upon returning, they found that the children had become absorbed in a monster called the Homonculus, and that they were forced to kill it. As a result, Two's mind was completely destroyed, and since then, she has been left in a wreck. Believing that her powers as an Intoner, which created a sense of peace and harmony to them, are the cause of her hardship, Cent sought the help of Hikari, whom he learned had the power to make an Intoner human. Hikari, after hearing his story, was unable to let it go, and agreed to do so. Zero protested at first, but Cent offered his services, as well as a way inside the Cathedral City without alerting One of their presence. Zero begrudging accepted his offer, and the group then made headway into the Land of Sands. Prior to leaving, however, Zero spoke with Three in private, asking what she intended to do. The former Intoner stated that Hikari was still someone who interested her, and made it a point to say that she still wished to examine him thoroughly.

Zero, in response, threatened Three by saying that if she put so much as a finger on Hikari, she would make her wish they had killed her, along with the "flower" inside of her. Three expressed mild surprise as Zero then left, noting that she was developing feelings for the boy, and made it a point to examine their bond further.

A World of Flowers - Two's Salvation Edit

Thanks to Cent's navigation, Mikhail was able to enter the ruins where Two was resting inside of, avoiding the soldiers that served the Intoner. Due to the narrow space, however, Hikari and the group are forced to proceed on foot. As they do, they encounter strange blue creatures in armor, which Cent identifies as smaller versions of the daemon Egregori. Three asked if Two's power was forcing her to call upon her servants, though Cent couldn't answer that. Zero and Hikari destroyed the small Egregori, and made their way further into the tunnel. Upon arrival, however, they were ambushed by a larger Egregori, which knocked the disciples, sans Cent and Dito, away, and injured Four, forcing her to withdraw from the battle. Hikari protected Zero from an attack, which ended up wounding his shoulder. As the Egregori was about to stomp on him, Zero retaliated by cutting off it's leg. However, to everyone's shock, Zero was in Intoner Mode, which should have been impossible, as the "flower" within her had been removed. Enraged, Zero brutally destroyed the armored being before returning to normal.

Stunned and confused by this revelation, Octa and Three speculate that, while the "flower's" influence was eradicated, some of it's power still remained within Zero, given that she was the original host before it spawned her siblings. Given this, Three theorized it was possible for them to utilize their Intoner abilities, however without the full power of the "flower," it would pale in comparison to their former abilities. However, Zero's emotions forced her body to enter Intoner Mode, hence leading to the possibility that, the stronger her emotions, the more powerful her abilities. In spite of this, Zero states that she will not rely on the power of the Intoner, saying that all she needs is her blade to cut down whatever stands in her way. She also scolds Hikari for trying to protect her, though Hikari says that he couldn't help but try to protect her, as to her embarrassment and everyone else amusement, he calls her someone special to him, which is more than enough reason to protect her. Zero, abashed, calls him an idiot and stomps off, face red. Hikari, confused, asks what he did wrong, with Five telling him that nothing was wrong, and that he should continue to do what he does best. Cent notices how close Zero and Hikari are, and asked him if they were lovers like himself and Two. Hikari vehemently denies this, which Cent calls a shame, seeing as they are a cute couple. Four also agrees with this statement.

The group catches up to Zero, and once again fly through the passage way, which is now more open. Cent states that they are getting close, but becomes worried when he hears the faint sound of singing. His worries become founded when they arrive at the deepest area, and are immediately attacked by a giant blue spider, which he recognizes as another daemon named Raphael. They also find Two, who is in Intoner Mode, singing. The group splits into two groups, as the disciples, plus Hikari and Zero, go to subdue Two while Five, Four, and Three deal with Raphael alongside Mikhail. Cent tries to convince Two that Hikari can help her, but his words fall on deaf ears, as she immediately tries to attack him. Decadus manages to defend him, but both are sent flying. Zero realizes that she has been taken over by the "flower," and that her power is now going haywire. Hikari attempts to sing, but Dito tells him it would be useless as long as Two is in Intoner Mode. As a result, the group is forced to fight her, and force her out of Intoner Mode.

At first, the disciples, Hikari and Zero are left at a major disadvantage as Two continuously attacks them. Cent is thrown against one of the columns and is rendered unconscious when she bashes his head into it, and then rams her unconscious lover into Dito, and beats them into the ground. Decadus tries to attack her from behind, but he is quickly incapacitated from her swift kick, which throws him to the other side of the platform. Hikari and Zero are forced to fight her by themselves, and the former attempts to even the odds using his Elemental Magic. Unfortunately, Two proves to be a powerful adversary, as she destroys his barriers and pins him to the ground. Just as she is about to kill her, Zero, screaming out Hikari's name in panic, suddenly enters Intoner Mode, and lunges at Two, throwing her off of him. Now on an even level, Zero and Hikari attack her in tandem, and with the defensive capabilities of Hawk Stance, he is able to throw Two off guard long enough for Zero to deal enough damage to force her out of Intoner Mode. Acting quickly, Zero impales and pins Two to the ground with her sword, allowing Hikari to sing the Song of the Forgotten Hymn.

Once the second verse is sung, Two's body begins to convulse, blood pouring from her nose, eyes, ears, and mouth as the "flower" inside her is forcibly emerged, appearing in the form of a shrouded figure bearing the face of a woman. Cent awakens shortly after, and aids Hikari and Zero as they engage the monster. To their surprise, however, the creature seemingly possesses Raphael, which was close to death. It's blue body turned black, and then fought against both Mikhail, the former Intoners, Hikari, and Cent. Mikhail was able to damage it's shell to the point where the armor became useless now, leaving it open for Zero and her sisters to attack all at once, impaling their weapons into it's fleshy body. With both the daemon and the creature dead, the "flower" is destroyed, leaving Two as a normal human. Cent quickly runs to her side as she stirs awake. She appeared to have little recollection of the battle, but expressed joy when she saw Zero and her sisters at her side, saying that she missed them and Cent. She quickly falls asleep, however, due to the immense strain put on her body.

The group sets up camp near the passage way Cent had informed them of leading into the Cathedral City. After checking up on Two, Cent thanks Zero and Hikari for saving her, and swears his allegiance to them, as promised. Zero waves it off, saying he was free to do as he pleased, but then asked about One. Cent explained that, ever since Five's loss of her powers as an Intoner, she had been trying to gather information on her and Hikari, who apparently appeared out of seemingly nowhere. It was then that Zero realized that she still had no idea where exactly her companion came from. Cent expressed the same curiosity, but then told Hikari that if he didn't wish to speak about it, he wouldn't pry. He did, however, express some curiosity about his sword, Freagarach. Hikari explains that it was a sword his ancestor used. Cent remarks about it's masterful craftsmanship, and offers to buy it off of him, saying that he intended on making an orphanage when everything was over. Hikari refused to sell it, but said he would help Cent in his endeavor, much to the man's joy. Afterwards, Zero and Hikari wandered off.

Seeing her troubled expression, Hikari asked her what was wrong. Zero confessed that, ever since he had freed her from the influence of the "flower," she had been experiencing odd dreams lately. When Hikari inquired about it, she said that the dreams seemed to involve him, locked in battle against a giant beast with multiple heads. She passed if off as a mere dream with little meaning, but she still found it worrisome, and explained to him that she had begun to fear for his safety ever since the battle with Three. Hikari asked where she was going with this conversation, and to his shock, Zero said that she wanted him to leave and go back to his home, saying that she and her sisters and their disciples could face One. Hikari protested to this, saying that she wouldn't stand a chance against One, even with Intoner Mode at her disposal. Zero argued that he had done more than enough for them, and that he shouldn't be putting himself in any more danger.

Hikari continues to protest, saying that he doesn't want to see them in any pain, though Zero quickly becomes frustrated, asking him why he's so determined to stop their pain. Hikari answers that it is simply who he is, and he doesn't want that to change. Zero becomes even more agitated, and tells him that he is a pain in the ass, and storms off. Hikari, confused, wonders why Zero is so worried about him until Two and Mikhail arrives. He is immediately concerned for her well-being, given her recent ordeal, but Two assures him that she is fine. Mikhail asks why he seemed so glum, and Hikari answered that Zero was apparently angry over the fact that he didn't want to leave, despite her confidence that they could defeat One. Two notes that it is like Zero to be so angry, as she said that, before the Cathedral City incident, she would often become frustrated when any of her sisters had done something stupid. Mikhail also adds in that Zero is worried about him.

Touched by this, Hikari asks why Zero would be so worried about him, given that he is perfectly capable of protecting himself. Two then points that, given what she learned from the dragon and her sisters, Zero has become very attached to him, and doesn't want him to get hurt because of her. Now understanding her dilemma, Hikari thanks the two, and runs off to find Zero, only to learn from Dito that she had apparently run off into the Cathedral City. Alarmed by this, the group immediately sets out in search of One, where Zero is most likely heading.

A World of Flowers - One's Reckoning Edit

Heading into the passage way leading into the Cathedral City, the group is attacked by a group of wyverns. Cent expresses shock, not understanding how they could have known about the passage. Mikhail expresses a great deal of animosity towards the flying creatures, calling them "cheap-ass dragon knock offs" and opts kill them. Dito agrees, saying that they should make themselves a wyvern BBQ. Hikari tells them to focus as he and Octa deal with the wyverns with Mikhail as they fly through the tunnel. They eventually reach the desolate remains of the old city, and are set upon by a gigantic, armored dragon, which the former Intoners recognize as Gabriel, One's daemon. Mikhail is forced to flee while heading to the Church, where One is. However, Gabriel is not willing to give up the chase, and nearly shoots down Mikhail before Hikari defends him using the Hawk Stance, and then destroys one of the buildings with his Wolf Stance, causing the falling building to crash down upon the daemon, and trap it for a short while.

Upon reaching the Church, they immediately discover Zero, already engaged in battle with One. Despite Zero being in Intoner Mode, she is easily outmatched, and thrown all the way across the courtyard by One, who calls her foolish for trying to defeat her with such mediocre strength. Just as she is about to deal the finishing blow, Two defends Zero, and throws One back. She immediately defends against Three and Four's attacks, but is impaled from behind by Five, who comments on her slim physique before throwing her aside, slamming her into a wall. Zero expresses anger that her sisters are intervening, and shouts for them to leave. Hikari, however, tells her that they will stand and fight. Zero screams at him out of rage, telling him that he had screwed up everything when they met. She didn't understand the feelings that were rampaging in her heart, demanding to know what he had done to her before cursing his existence.

Hikari simply smiled at her slanders, which infuriated Zero, and told him to stop mocking her. He said that he wasn't, and that he was smiling because he was glad that she was alright, catching her off guard. Five chimes in, saying that Zero is just mad because she let Hikari see her in that sorry state while Four chastised her sister for worrying them so much, Hikari most of all. Three told Zero that she should have known that Hikari wouldn't listen to her, and called her a moron. Two also said that Hikari was panicking on the way, constantly asking if Zero was okay, much to his embarrassment. Zero is left speechless by this, and is further stunned when Hikari declares that, no matter what, he will always stand by her side, even if she were to curse and despise him for the rest of her life, and that he would save her, no matter what.

One soon emerged from the rubble, commenting that she was greatly impressed by how strong her sisters had become, even without their powers as an Intoner. She then asked Hikari if he was the one who was responsible for making them human, which he confirms. Hikari also says that he wants to save One as well, but she rebukes him by saying that she doesn't need to be saved, and called him a fool for pitying her. She then questioned her sisters for their apparent reason for accompanying Zero and Hikari. Five said that she came along because she wanted to be with Zero, and to have some fun along the way. Four believed that Hikari was doing the right thing, and that she wanted all of her sisters to be free from the curse of the "flower." Three stated that she wanted to observe Hikari and make him into a test subject. Two said that she agreed with Hikari, and that she couldn't stand to see anyone else in pain, swearing on the lives of the children she lost that she would free everyone from the "flower." One calls them foolish for believing in a false 'light of hope.' Gabriel then appears to her side, ready to engage them.

Mikhail quickly forces Gabriel away, and the two battle to another battlefield. Meanwhile, Hikari and the former Intoners, along with their disciples, engage One. At first, they're unable to get the better hand over her, as she is capable of defending against all five of the female warriors, and can easily dominate Hikari's Hawk Stance before he has a change to release all of the built-up energy. Eventually, thanks to the encouragements of Cent and Dito, the latter telling Five to kick the shit out of One so that they can finally get some alone time, Two and Five enter Intoner Mode. Despite their increased abilities, One is still capable of overcoming them, but is caught off guard when Hikari uses his Wolf Stance, coordinating with Zero to try and force her off balance. Initially stunned, One immediately adapted to the new fighting style, and forced them back until Zero entered Intoner Mode, and attacked One in unison with Five and Two. One, however, entered Intoner Mode as well, and forced them all back.

Four, worried and fearful over her sisters, manages to enter Intoner Mode as well, but she is quickly overwhelmed by One, and sends her flying into the Church. Decadus and Octa try to subdue One, but they are both easily dispatched. Cent and Dito try to buy enough time for Hikari to sing the Song of the Forgotten Hymn, but before they have a chance, One attacks them and defeats them with ease before attempting to cut down Hikari. However, Three, in Intoner Mode, intercepts her, and knocks her back. Four reemerges from the Church, and Two and Five engage her as well. Zero also enters Intoner Mode, as Hikari cheers for her. The five former Intoners are able to force One out of Intoner Mode. Unfortunately, the side-effects of using what little power they have takes effect, and the girls are left severely drained. One takes this opportunity to try and kill them, but Gabriel is smashed into her by Mikhail, who arrived just in the nick of time. Taking the distraction, the disciples and the former Intoners impale their weapons into One to stop her from moving.

Hikari finally sings the Song of the Forgotten Hymn. One tries to resist by once again entering Intoner Mode, but she is stopped when a boy who appears identical to her also impales her with his weapon. One, stunned by this, asks him what he is doing. The boy, in tears, says that, after seeing Hikari's determination, and how far he is willing to go for them, for those who are destined to destroy the world, he wants to place his bets on his potential. As Hikari reaches the second verse, the boy says that the world no longer needs Intoners before both he and One begin to convulse in pain before the "flower" emerges from their bodies, creating a massive shockwave that nearly destroys the courtyard, appearing in the form of an Alraune-like creature. Hikari is stunned by this, asking why the boy also held a "flower" inside of him. Zero realizes that the boy was in fact a piece of One that had been split off, most likely to act as her disciple, and thus, he was also an Intoner. The male One soon fades away into light, slowly entering the unconscious female One's body, thus reuniting the two halves.

The party engages the monster, but it proves to be far more stronger than the others previously encountered, as it was capable of calling forth the daemons of the former Intoners, leading to a long battle. Already exhausted by the previous battle with One, the group is left utterly tired and virtually unable to battle against the onslaught. The monster seemingly appears to be ready to kill them all, but is stopped by the intervention of Gabriel, who rips off one of it's arms. To the former Intoner's surprise, Gabriel, who no longer possessed a semblance of consciousness after being made into a daemon, says that she will not allow this monster to cause any more grief before she becomes enveloped in thorned vines, which then proceed to strange and rip it apart. Enraged, Hikari suddenly begins to sing again. While the song has no affect, the monster begins to show signs of discomfort upon reaching the second verse. To the group's surprise, Hikari sings a third verse of the Song of the Forgotten Hymn, which causes the monster to writhe in pain, weakening the daemons. Taking advantage of this, Zero and her sisters entered Intoner Mode once more, fully aware that the strain might possibly kill them, and destroy the onslaught of enemies. The monster retaliates, and tries to kill them, but to their surprise, One cuts down the vines, also in Intoner Mode. When Zero asked if she had finally stopped being naive, One told her that she was simply returning the favor from a long time ago.

The sisters launched one final attack, and destroyed the monster, which broke apart and dissipated. Afterwards, they returned to normal, though they all fell unconscious. Hikari was worried for them, but Octa and Cent assured him that they were alive. Hikari also noticed the smiling face of Zero as she wept, mumbling a thank-you in her state.

Where the Fairies Fly Edit

A few months later, a new era of peace has been ushered into Midgard. One, who revealed the truth behind the Intoners and their powers to the populace, stepped down from her position as leader of Cathedral City, but before that, she awarded the title of "Grand Patriarch" to Hikari, who the world began to call the "Light of Hope." Three said that the position of Grand Patriarch was very important, essentially the rank of nobility in the eyes of the Church. Hikari asked if this was okay, which One said it was the least she could do. She says that, with the "flower" gone, there may come a time when a new era of tyrants will rise, but should this happen, there will be those who are willing to stand against them. After the ceremony, Hikari and the other girls attend Cent and Two's wedding at the Orphanage they had built, though he notices the absence of Zero.

He later returns to the cottage where he first met Zero, and finds her near the lake, staring out into the distance. She hears him approach, and greets him. Upon seeing the brooch on his shirt, she notes that he's been made into the Grand Patriarch by One, which he confirms. Zero says that One is overreacting, but she agrees in saying that he deserved it. Hikari asked her what she planned to do now, as the reason behind her quest was now gone. Zero says she doesn't know yet, but she said that, wherever she goes, Mikhail is sure to follow. Hikari smiled at this, stating that she had grown quite attached to Mikhail. Surprisingly, Zero doesn't deny this, saying that the "bumbling idiot" had grown on her quite a bit. She also asks Hikari what he intends to do now, with their journey being over. He says he plans on returning home once he finds a way back. Zero asks him once again about his homeland, but this time, Hikari is no longer willing to hide it.

Zero is stunned when she learns that Hikari was in fact from another world, and was raised by Fairies, before she laughed, not out of the sheer absurdity, but because it somehow fit him. Hikari asked if she believed it, which she did, saying that after everything, she could believe whatever he told her. She brings up his declaration to save her, which causes Hikari to blush, saying that he meant every word, but it was still so embarrassing for him. Zero them mentioned that, shortly after the battle, Five and Two had begun to tease her relentlessly about him, and it only got worse when Four and Three joined in. One had also told her just what the feelings she were experiencing were. Hikari asked him what they were, but instead of receiving an answer, Zero instead kissed him. She then asked if that answered his question.


Hikaru with Norne after returning home

After that point, details become quite unclear, other than that Norne and Silfa, who had been alarmed by his long absence, had found a way to communicate with him, as well as a way for him to return home. Not wanting to leave Zero behind, Hikari brought her with him, though he had also unknowingly brought the other former Intoners with him as well, who followed after him at the last minute. Six months later, Hikari and Zero were married, and had two children, a pair of twin girls named Miabi and Sachi. The girls, along with their disciples, began living with Hikari, who moved out of Silfa's house upon her suggestion. Zero never stopped her training, but also balanced a healthy lifestyle with her family while Hikari continued his service as a Paladin.

Story Edit

An Encounter with the Oppai Dragon Emperor Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Having been trained at an early age in swordsmanship and magic, Hikari naturally possesses a great deal of magical power and mastery over the blade. Under the tutelage of Mab, he has become a talented user of magic, albeit lacking in some aspects. To make up for this, he has done extensive training in the art of "Fencer Magic," incorporating mana into his attacks. Amongst other knights, he is particularly skillful with a sword, albeit not on par with Silfa, who is hailed as the "Fairy Queen of Blades." Additionally, Hikari has the power of the Song of the Forgotten Hymn, which has the power to forcibly make one's innermost darkness take on a physical form, allowing him to destroy it. This power proves to be effective against the Intoners during his time with Zero before he returns to his world, with her and her sisters in tow.

Despite being human, Hikari's ancestry allows him to wield otherworldly magic, such as Fairy Magic.

  • Light Magic: The primary power of most Fairies. Hikari is capable of creating barriers that defend against attacks, spears that can pierce through armor, and heal wounds. Combined with his sword play, Hikari can create an extended blade of light that can harm any impure being, such as Devils, and even Fallen Angels.
  • Elemental Prowess: While not proficient in some aspects, Hikari has demonstrated the use of elemental magic. He particularly leans toward defensive elemental magics, such as ice and earth, creating defensive barriers made of ice and earth to serve as defensive walls. However, he is also very skillful in the use of lightning magic. While not as powerful as Akeno, he is more than capable of inflicting serious wounds, though he claims that lightning magic is rather hard for him to tame.
  • Fencer Magic: the trademark ability of all Paladins. Hikari uses this magic the most, as it allows him to attack with both his sword and his magical power. Fencer Magic is divided into three powers, each with it's own unique stance, which serves a purpose; Wolf Stance, which is pure offense, Hawk Stance, which is pure defense, and Dragon Stance, which combines aspects of both stances. The Dragon Stance is the hardest of the three to master, but Hikari has been said to have excellent proficiency with it. Silfa even supposedly claimed that Hikari mastered all three, a feet not seen since King Oberon.
    • Wolf Stance: A stance where the user wields the sword with both hands, akin to the way a Japanese swordsman uses a katana. While in this stance, magic power is gathered all along the sword. Not only does it increase it's range, but also sharpens the blade as well. Hikari uses this stance the least often, but does demonstrate excellent use of it, as shown as how he split the ground in two with a single swing.
    • Hawk Stance: A stance where the user keeps the sword held in the sheathe. This appears to draw some inspiration to the sword style of the Undrawn Sword, where the user fights with the blade sheathed. Magic is gathered within the sheathe, not only increasing it's defensive power, but also the power to turn the battle around when it is unsheathed. While seemingly all defense, it does possess one attack, where the user draws the blade and swings, creating an immense arc of energy that destroys everything in it's path, due to the amount of power being stored.
    • Dragon Stance: a stance where the user engages in combat, using both the sheathe and the sword. While seemingly a copy of the Battoujutsu sword style, it is radically different in use, as the sheathe is like a shield and a sword, albeit with a blunt edge. The user can attack and defend, switching between roles fluidly. However, due to the difficulty of it's capabilities, coupled with it's diversity, it makes it hard to find a good grasp of style. Hikari has shown the use of this style the most often.
  • Song of the Forgotten Hymn: A mysterious song with the power to make one's negative thoughts and desires take on a physical form. This power first appeared during Hikari's battle with Zero, where he remembered his mother singing a song when he suffered through a nightmare. Using this power, Hikari can force one's darkest emotions to become a black creature of some sort. When vanquished, the host of negativity is freed of their own dark desires, though against some individuals, such as Rizevim Livan Lucifer, it is impossible to erase their darkness, as it is their truest nature. It is shown to be effective against even beings like the "flower," as it affected it's hosts; the Intoners. The song has two verses, the first which brings out the darkness within people's hearts, and the second verse, which makes them hostile. There is also a third verse, though Hikari has only sung this third piece during the final confrontation with the "flower." The lyrics are as follows:
    • First Verse - Lit Horizon: "You are an ocean of waves / Weaving a dream, like thoughts become a river stream / Yet may the tides ever change / Flowing like time, to the path, yours to climb / Thou seek the light with an outstretched hand / A divine blade lies before you / So command the wake of dreams / To restore the world, cut 'way the seams / Join in our prayer - in our song - of birthrights and love / Come the sun, illuminate the sky / Pray that we may quell the dark - Light take the throne / Lost in thoughts, all alone"
    • Second Verse - Darkened Approach: "You are an ocean of waves / Weaving a dream, like thoughts become a river stream / Yet may the tides ever change / Flowing like time, to the path, yours to claim / Thou seek the dark with an unsheathed blade / Now a white ivory throne beckons / So obtain the fate you sow / On this path, be weary friend and foe / Join in the tale - in the blight - of conquest and lies / Come the sun, to tarnish in the sky / Vow that we shall tear the light - Dark seize the throne / Lost in thoughts, all alone"
    • Third Verse - Twilight's Reckoning: "Descend into the abyss thou see / Where the hearts of many wonder / Quietly, they wish and weave / Placing hope inside their one, pure dream / After the storm stills its wake / May all be blessed, so the fate and fallen can find rest / Your will, the water reflects, so all will know / Your hands brought the morrow / You are an ocean of waves / Weaving a dream, like thoughts become a river stream / Yet may the tides ever change / Flowing like time, to the path, your to climb"

Equipment Edit


Freagarach - 'The Answerer'

Freagarach: a legendary blade, wieldied by the Irish Hero, Lugh. Forged with mythical ores, and imbued with powerful magic, the sword was said to be able to cut through anything. While not on the same level as the sword Caliburn, which is said to have the power to cut through even dimensions, it is still a useful weapon to have in one's arsenal. However, despite the power this sword boasts, it does have one weakness; in order for the blade to achieve full strength, the wielder has to pour their magic power into it. In the hands of Lugh, the sword destroyed countless foes, even wounding powerful on the likes of the Great Devil King, Lucifer. Hikari does possess a great deal of magic power, but it is hardly enough to reach the same level as his ancestor. Nonetheless, he has found a way to make up for this lack of power by combining Freagarach's ability with his Fencer Magic.

Azure Ruler (紺碧 のルーラー, Azure no rūrā): An Armor-Type Sacred Gear. It was fashioned after the image of the angel Remiel, who perished during the Great War. As a result, the armor resembles his own equipment, albeit with a more stylized design. The user is cloaked in pure white armor with blue trims which envelops him from head to toe. The armor itself is a sentient being with a sense of awareness, as it protects it's host and is even capable of healing injuries. However, it does possess a limit to how much it can heal, as it is unable heal fatal wounds or serious injuries, such as the loss of a limb or organ. It does grant the user incredible physical strength, which serves as a major boon for Hikari.

  • The Azure Ruler: Rex Enim In Caerula Caeli (Azureのルーラー:Caerula CaeliでレックスEnim, Azure no rūrā: Caerula Caeli de rekkusu Enim): The Balance Break of Azure Ruler, and the Hikari's Trump Card. While the full extent of it's abilities are unknown, Azazel has stated that it is powerful, enough so that it is on par with that of the Longinus.

Trivia Edit

  • Hikari's name translates to "light," while his surname of Kibou translates to "hope." Because of this, the Intoners refer to him as the "light of hope."
  • He is '5, 6" ft tall, and weighs 113 lbs.
  • Hikari has been noted to bath with all girls in his household, due to his unawareness to the norm of modern society.
  • He is the only person capable of withstanding the full wrath of his wife, Zero, as well as the only one to calm her down.
  • His necklace with the beads seem to be in relation to the dominant color scheme of Zero's sisters; white being One, blue being Two, purple being Three, green being Four, and yellow being Five.
  • Hikari has a habit of saying, "I'm very sorry!" when caught in a perverted situation.
  • According to Two, despite his apparent purity, Hikari has a surprising habit of fondling Zero's breasts when in private.
  • When questioned about his preference in girls, Hikari says that he has none, but he would like to have a girl who is strong-willed, and can support him and help him find his way, should he ever fall astray.
  • Hikari and Zero had a Japanese-style wedding, as both preferred it over a Western-style.
  • Rather than being called "tou-san" by Miabi and Sachi, he is called Hika-chan instead by his children.
    • Three has confirmed that neither Miabi nor Sachi are adopted. They are Hikari and Zero's biological children.
  • Hikari's Song of the Forgotten Hymn is the main theme of Fire Emblem Fates, "Lost in Thoughts, All Alone," though the lyrics are from a cover done by Amanda Lee.
  • Curiously, Remiel, like Baraquiel, was adept at using electricity. Thus, whenever Hikaru uses his Sacred Gear, many Fallen, including Azazel, note how similar he is to Akeno's father in terms of ability.

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