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Hiroyuki Masaomi
Kana 正臣裕之(まさおみ ひろゆき )
Romaji Masaomi Hiroyuki
Race Human
Nicknames Kaiser Leviticus babylon IV(Alias)
Seishin Yuno(alias)
The Stalemater(title)
Stupid Chuuni(by Alice)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Equipment BB guns
Holy water-balloons
Pages from the bible
Personal Status
Relatives Arata Masaomi(father)
Nobuko Masaomi(mother)
Erina Masaomi(younger sister)
Affiliations Kuoh Academy(freshman)
Alice Berith's group(affiliated)
Status Alive
Ranking Demon lord(self-proclaimed)
Will you be mad if I say yes?

–Hiroyuki, answering Alice about if he thinks everything is a game.

Hiroyuki Masaomi(正臣裕之; Masaomi Hiroyuki) is the protagonist/deuteragonist and the first-person second narrator of the fanfic DxD: Extra. A normal, if not perverted, young man with a severe case of 8th grade syndrome(chūnibyō), Hiroyuki is in delusion that he's the host of the demon lord Kaiser Leviticus babylon IV(カイザーレビバビロンIV; Kaizārebibabiron fô), making him the center of attention of unaware devils and fallen angels, as well as the main source of annoyance to Alice Berith, the heiress of the Berith clan and fellow classmate.

Despite being tangled in weirdness and usual relying solely on his own wits and luck, Hiroyuki is usual around Alice's group for the thrill of it. Being smarter, more adaptable and faster than his fellow protagonist Ichijou Tsukino, Hiroyuki serves as a foil and counterpart for both him and the original Issei Hyoodou.

Appearance Edit

Hiroyuki is a pretty, slender and feminine-looking young man with short, messy, curly black hair, fair skin and red eyes caused by a strange case of conjunctivitis, making his eyes being on a constant bloodshot colour. He also has long eyelashes and a beauty mark next to his neck.

He usually wears Kuoh Academy's uniform properly, however, he's not as far as mess with it a little to look more 'cool'. Outside classes, he usually wears suits and proper robes.

Personality Edit

Being a Chuuni, a highschooler with vivid childish delusions, Hiroyuki usually masks himself under the alias of Kaiser Leviticus Babylon IV, a supposed demon king and the strongest and oldest monster to walk on earth. During these periods of times, Hiroyuki adopts a cocky, arrogant, holier-than-thou personality, usually looking down on others despite the visible difference between them, with him usually being on the worst end. However, is this arrogant and violent personality is what saved him numerous times against fallen angels and devils, since their suspension of Disbelief is stronger, making them flee from battle before a proper fight, making him the winner by default. Alice thinks that his mentality is on the wrong side, but since he usually wins by that alone, she let him pass scout-free.

When not in "Chuuni mode", 'Hiroyuki' is a calm, talkative, usually extrovertive young highschooler wanting nothing more than a little thrill in his everyday life, as well as a girlfriend to talk to and share his little delusions. He describes himself as a "normal highschooler with hopes and dreams shared with a demon lord". He also likes to share his fictional stories with his classmates, gaining their trust and friendship. While Alice thinks he disguise his troubles and problems by being a cheerful person, Nene says that he's normal by any standards. He also doesn't seem to hold grudges against people, since he forgave both Nene and Alice for attacking him.

despite calling himself the anti-hero of the story, Hiroyuki is actually noble, humble and will only rely on violence and manipulation when there is no other option avalible. However, he does like a good fight and the thrill of an adventure.

History Edit

Nothing much is know about his past except that he had a normal childhood with 'semi-normal' parents and a younger sister living in a normal house. It is hinted, though, that he was childhood friends with the Lancelot siblings, specially Julia Lancelot, in which he began to imagine himself as a hero, beginning his life as a chuuni boy.

Power & abilities Edit

Wit - Being a normal human, Hiroyuki can only rely on his wits and lucky shots to get away from fights with supernatural beings. Being a chuuni, he has a vast knowledge about demonic and sacred aparattus and gadgets, making him a formidable opponent despite his human limitations.

Deus X Machina(魔王の運命を操作; Deusuekusumakina; lit. Demon Lord's destiny manipulation) - the name given by Horoyuki to refer to his strange wave of luck, which usually is against all odds. While his luck is considered abnormal, it is stated that is not absolute, and is not above any normal human.

Master of Stealth - With a power level even lower than regular beings, compared even with of a baby's, Hiroyuki can easily disguise his own presence from others.

Hand-to-hand combat - Hiroyuki has a decent knowledge about hand-to-hand combat. Since he's friends wih one of the managers of the PE clubs, he has full access to practice several arts of fighting. His favorites, however, are ninjutsu, tae-kwon-doe and le parkour.

Equipments Edit

BB guns - Due to the japanese weapon control, Hiroyuki can only rely on normal pressurize BB guns. While simple and harmless to humans and devils alike as long it doesn't come in contact with eyes, he can use it with his water balloons filled with holy water, creating traps and several offensive ways to defend himself.

Pages from the Bible - Instead of using them to purge demons through words though, he creates arrows, origamis, paper-mache and chains of paper as weapons against them.

Demon sword Clarent - Hiroyuki's only 'conventional' weapon, the sword of the cowards, only wielded by the dishonored knight Mordred to kill King Arthur. Since the sword is also known as the Sword of peace, it has a dull, unconventional shape, unable to harm through normal means. However, being contaminated with Mordred's dark will, the sword became one of the most powerful and dangerous swords.

Trivia Edit

  • His apperance and personalities trades are based on The Phantom, the new protagonist of the Persona franchise, and several other characters of the same archtype.
  • His nickname in social networks, Seishin Yuno, is a pun with his original name, since the ideograms for his name("裕之") spells "Yu" and "No" when written separately, while his surname("正臣") spells "Sei" and "shin" through the same way. Literally, it means "Sacred Trust Juno" when written in another way.
  • According to himself, he likes big-breasted girls, puzzles, martial arts and anime.

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