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Demonic Beast Horror (魔獣ホラー, Majū Horā) are subspecies of devils and creatures that Makai Knights face.


Originating from the Makai, the Horrors are the spawn of Messiah and have existed since darkness first came into the human heart. As a result, being creatures that thrive on darkness, Horrors enter the human world to hunt and eat humans. At the beginning of the conflict, Makai Priest came into being to fend off the Horrors. It was only after sealing Zedom that the Makai Order learned to develop Soul Metal and weaponize it in the form of Makai Knights who would be the primary fighting force against the Horrors.

Yin-Self HorrorsEdit

Yin-Self Horrors (陰我ホラー, Inga Horā) are most common form of Horrors, appearing a black skeletal monsters with angel wings, Yin-Self Horrors originate from the demon world and are attracted to the human world by the darkness inside the human heart. Their travel to Earth is made possible by a Yin Gate, an random object that has been filled with darkness over the years in relation to the regret of an owner or present of a dark moment in history. Either way, Yin Gates activate once a human with inner darkness comes in physical contact with it. From there, attracted by such darkness to the point of ignoring other potential prey, the emerging Horror usually merges into that human's body and consumes the host's soul while uses the body as its own while "evolving" into a form reflecting the Gate it emerged from. While humans with pure hearts would normally not fall victim to a possession, Horrors can bypass this if the targeted person has any form of rage.

A Yin-Self Horror

In some cases, if there is a common goal or the targeted human's ideals fascinate it, the Horror and its host can enter a symbiotic relationship where the Horror can fulfill its host's darkest desire. Despite being spared, the possessed human is technically dead the moment Horrors enter them and die once their possessors are killed off. But there are cases when Horrors end up residing in animals that happen to be nearby instead and use the human as a minion to do their dirty work and those that enter the very objects they emerged from and control any human holding them. There are a few cases where multiple Horrors can enter one human body should the person have a vast amount of inner darkness to stir up a Horror feeding frenzy.

Ultimately, Horrors are never truly killed as their essence is sealed within a Makai Sword after defeat until the sword is purified at a Watchdog Castle and their essence is turned into a dagger. After twelve Horror Daggers are accumulated, they are sent back to Makai where the Horror is eventually reborn with the cycle of its entry into the human world repeating itself.

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