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Race Dragon Devil(Former) Vampire(Former)
Nicknames The Fourth Strongest Being Brother(Trihexa)
Hair Color Purple and Black
Eye Color Red
Equipment Slayer Mainasu Dividing Sword
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother Amilina(Wife) Tiamat(Wife) Oscurare(Son)

Affiliations Akumu
Status Alive
Ranking Ultimate Class+

Houvdon is the main protagonist of the Highschool DxD: Rise of Akumu series, DxD: White Reaper and her Dark Storm, DxD: Love of Fire, and a side character of the spin-off story of the Akumu series, DxD: Darkness within a Light. He is the leader of Akumu In the Akumu series, the love interest of Kunou in DxD: Love of Fire, and the lover of Bennia in DxD: White Reaper and her Dark Storm.

Appearance Edit

Akumu Series Edit

He is shown as a muscular young man with black hair with streaks of purple. His pupils are a striking red. He is usually seen wearing a black cloak that hides his body.

Love of Fire Edit

He is shown to have golden hair, golden eyes, and reddish fox ears and tails. He has nine tails that all flow behind him, and his ears are usually standing tall.

He wears a white kimono with a white obi when visiting Kyoto, but at work at Kuoh Academy, he wears a white dress shirt, a black jacket, dress pants, and black dress shoes.

White Reaper and her Dark Storm Edit

Houvdon is known to have white hair, with purple bangs. His eyes are ice-blue. His skin color is fairly pale, with a just enough muscular frame. He wears anything he can find, but usually wears black. His skull mask is colored black.

Personality Edit

Akumu Series Edit

At the beginning, he is shown to be a very kind man. But later on, he is portrayed as evil, a battle freak, more so than Vali Lucifer, along with being manipulative.

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