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The Hyoudou Clan, made by Issei Hyoudou.


Not much is known about them, so far.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Skin Ripper: Skin Ripper, as the name suggests, rips the opponent's skin off, which causes them great pain, if not rendering them immobilized. It's some sort of one-shot kill. It is majorly inspired by Dress Break, having similar effects, to a certain degree, just on somewhat different targets, in a sense.



Name Role
Issei Hyoudou Founder
Giichi Asmodeus Hyoudou Head
Seiichi Hyoudou

Head (Former)

Military Officer (Current)

Yi Cheng Hyoudou General

Head (Candidate)

Albert Hyoudou

Technological Advisor

Research Department Manager

Akihito Hyoudou

Spy Squad Leader

Land Expansion Squad Leader