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The Hyoudou Clan, also known as [Annihilators], made by Issei Hyoudou.


The Hyoudou Clan is very strong clan, as shown by the abilities of Giichi. The Hyoudou Clan is very well-prepared, too, as shown in "Volume 2: Clan vs Clan, Warrior vs Warrior, Ahrle vs Shar'Crave!", during the invasion of the Yerlyi Clan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Pressure: An ability used through brute force combined with demonic power. Made by Issei Hyoudou. Measured by weight.

Power of AnnihilationEdit

Power of Annihilation: An ability of the Hyoudou Clan, made by Issei Hyoudou. It's ability is something close to the Bael Clan's Power of Destruction. It was made be Issei, porbably becuase he was close to Rias Gremory, who inherited the [Power of Destruction] from her mother who actually was a Bael herself. Giichi is shown to actually pretty much master it, as shown at Volume 4: Belial of Championship Complex, at Life 2, when he released a very powerful attack, which was [Power of Annihilation], with ease.


The Hyoudou Clan seems to be those who created the Annihilation Gears.

Sword GearEdit

Friendly HealerEdit

Lightning JudgementEdit


Name Role
Issei Hyoudou Founder Of The [Hyoudou Clan]
Giichi Asmodeus Current Head Of The [Hyoudou Clan] (Former).
Seiichi Hyoudou Last Head Of The [Hyoudou Clan].
Yi Cheng Hyoudou New Head Of The [Hyoudou Clan].


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