An Intoner (いんとねr) is a term used in the Drakengard series, and in the story, Wings of a Fairy's Blade.

History Edit

The Intoners are humans who have the power to increase their power through manipulation of magic called songs. They are typically viewed as goddesses by the people in Midgard, and while their power varies, they mostly share the same common ability. However, the Intoners are not beings that can bring forth peace, as many people believe. As revealed by Zero, Intoners are tools to a chaotic, malevolent being known as the "flower," who's existence is meant to destroy humanity. To this end, roots itself to special individuals, and grant them incredible power; hence the Intoners.

Most records of Intoners date back several years ago, but during that time, they were feared as demons of destruction, unlike in present time, who are revered as god-like beings. One common thing about them is that Intoners usually appear in the form of beautiful women with a roman numeral branded on their forehead.

Powers and Abilities Edit

In battle, Intoners display an elevated combat ability interspersed with their individual powers. They also have the capability of entering a state of extended power. Since Intoners possess a share of the power granted by the flower to Zero, they also possess a modicum of regenerative abilities, albeit slightly weaker. In Zero's case, should her body cease function, she is capable of sprouting a new body through the flower in her right eye, though it can be halted by various methods.

Among their powers is the fearsome power called "Intoner Mode." In this state, Intoners are encased in a glowing aura, and their senses are hightened. They forfeit their weapons, and attack with their bare hands, demonstrating not only superb healing power, but also fearsome physical strength.

Intoners are also known to have a very high sex drive and depending on the Intoner's personality, she may either range from being a virgin to being utterly insatiable. They usually possess bodyguards called Disciples to sate these sexual desires, while also defending the Intoner in question. They can also lend their powers to the Disciples to summon forth their magnificent beasts called Angels when faced with the threat of danger. When completely dominated by the flower, an Intoner can also summon Angels unaided, and even a dragon.

However, they are not invincible. As demonstrated by Hikari Kibou, it is possible to destroy an Intoner's Power through the use of the Song of the Forgotten Hymn, which is a power of unknown origin, but similar to the Intoner's own power. The "flower" is forced to take on a physical form, leaving it utterly exposed. If destroyed the Intoner becomes an average human being, though still remains a small amount of power.

Known Intoners Edit

  • Zero
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five

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