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Irreligion (非信者の氏族 (イルレリッギオン); Irureriggion) also known as the Non-believer Clan is an organization dedicated to the track and hunt of supernatural beings regardless of its nature or alignment. Irreligion rivalizes with the Chuch since their ideas are opposite (Irreligion is not affiliated with any kind of religion, just as its name states).

The main cast is affiliated with the organization.

Overview Edit

A world-wide organization in charge of dealing with supernatural related problems. They don't only hunt stray devils, but also purifies evil spirits and ends conflicts over territory on the human world. As oppossed to the church, following a certain religion's teachings is not the way things work for Irreligion; rather, the organization has studied and implemented several magic arts into their arsenal.

Enchanted gear of irreligion-0

Irreligion enchanted badge

The symbol of the organization is the pseudo-skull printed on their badges which serves as weapons themselves. Irreligion acts across the world in non-catholic/christian countries.

Irreligion maintains an alliance with the Grigori, helping the fallen angels against both devils and regular angels in exchange for their support, mainly on the magic engineering department.

Division Edit

As a formal organization Irreligion divides their action zone in branches, one in each contry they are in. Each branch has its departments to fulfill concrete purposes.

Branches Edit

Internation Branch Edit

The main branch and the "head" of the body that is the organization. The best demon hunters are asignated to this branch and has the liberty to move around the world as they please. Here resides the council, formed by the heads and leaders of Irreligion. The leaders of each branch are affiliated to the international branch.

Japanese Branch Edit

The main cast is affiliated here. The leader of the branch is currently unknown but it's known that Erika Hasegawa is working in the information department.

Departments Edit

Each branch has its devarptments. People can be affiliated with several ones but it's a rare thing to happen. The following are the ones currently fuctioning:

Equipement & magic engineering department Edit

Department in charge of studying and creating new magical artifacts. The people here creates artificial Sacred Gears with the help of the Grigori (international branch only), enchanted badges and charms/other kinds of artifacts. People sent here are rarely the fighting type.

Assault department Edit

People with high war capabilities, able of fighting to their utter limits in order to bring order to the human world in the name of Irreligion; in other words, the army of Irreligion.

Homunculus development department Edit

Alchemists in charge of creating homunculi, artificial human beings from the DNA of exorcists with two purposes:

  • Generate body parts (organs, limbs, etc.) and store them in order to be used as substitutes should someone need them (for example if they need a transplant or they lost a leg or arm)
  • Create human sized homunculi. Again, this is done with two purposes; however both purposes can be met by the same homunculi
    • Create soldiers that work for Irreligion
    • Create ginnea pigs to perform different experiments on

Heavenly Dragons Countermeasures Department Edit

(Coming Soon)

Exorcist generation department Edit

The "educational" department. They raise demon slayers and teaches them the different ways of fighting or arts that can be performed as an Irreligion member. Commonly those who are masters in their subject are the ones teaching the young ones. The school program has unofficial missions in order to get the young ones to get used to their work.

In-training exorcists are considered unofficial members until they join in official missions.

Fighting styles and gadgets Edit

Irreligion has gained knowledge in different magic arts from different lores around the world. They mix them and makes its members specialize in one or use various at the same time to make their best performance in battle.

  • Senjutsu: Exorcists are taught the basics of Senjutsu in order to be able to fight supernatural creatures without external aid. They are mostly taught to enhance their physical capabilities through their life-force and to enter in Awakening Mode, a state that allows them to bypass the restrains in their body, soul and mind to a certain degree by using the energy of the soul.
  • Martial arts: Basic training. The martial arts used are not heavily implemented in order to encourage the people to develop their personal fighting style.
  • Magic: People with the affinity to magic are taught the ways of it and different ways to use their magical reserves not only offensively, but also in a wide range of ways.
    Enchanted armor

    Young exorcists using the Enchanted Armor.

  • Irreligion Enchanted Badge: Necessary equipement if one wants to survive supernatural assaults. It is used to enchant and enhance weapons and to activate a special armor that reduces the damage taken. It takes the form of lines of light that connects through the body with circles separated from the wearer's body by one or two centimeters only.
  • Enchanted weapons: Equipement able to deal damage to supernatural creatures. They are reactive to the enchanted badge and can be enhanced with it. An enhanced weapon gets similar lines and circles patterns to the enchanted armor. They usually can shrink to be carried around easily.

Members Edit

The following characters are affiliated with Irreligion:

Name Status Branch Department
Erika Hasegawa Active Japanese Exorcist generation department
Alexander R. Lovecraft Active International Council
Azuma Itori Active Japanese ???
Yoriko Itori Active Japanese ???
Kazuma Itori Unofficial member Japanese -
Ryoma Yatogami Unofficial member Japanese -
Kaede Shirakawa Inactive Japanese Assault department (formerly)
Seigen Busujima Active International Heavenly Dragons Countermeasures Department
Kazuo Yotsuba Active ??? ???

Trivia Edit

  • The enchanted badge takes its form from the shinigami substitute badge from Bleach
  • The enchanted armor takes its form from the enchanted gears from Sousei no onmyouji
  • Irreligion has formed an alliance with the Grigori; although this does not stops rogue fallen angels from attacking members

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