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Jeanne d'Arc
Jeanne, the Sword Dancer
Kana Jan Daku
Romaji ジャーン・ダーク
Race Reincarnated Angel
Former Human
Nicknames The Sword Dancer
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Blade Blacksmith
Light-Based Weapons
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents †
Naomi Shirogane (Adoptive Mother) †
Yumi Kiba (Adoptive Sister)
Affiliations Chivalric Order
Kuoh Academy (Second-Year)
Du Lac Residence
Lancelot's Brave Saints
Knights of Chivalry
Status Alive
Ranking Two of Hearts

Jeanne is a female protagonist of The Magic Knight.

She carries the spirit of the Maiden of New Orléans, Joan of Arc. Jeanne is a second-year student in Kuoh Academy who eventually became adored by students due to her cheerful and usual upbeat nature. She is ranked as an Arch-Knight amongst the Chivalric Order, the highest rank that is granted to a Knight and is bellow Paladin. She was later reincarnated into an Angel by Lancelot through one of his Brave Saints, her ranking being "Two of Hearts".


Jeanne is a beautiful yet very cute blonde haired young woman with blue eyes, and a slim figure. Before transferring to Kuoh Academy, Jeanne would normally wear equipment as a normal Knight; breast plate, pauldron, armor that covers both her arms and legs and a blue undershirt. During missions, Jeanne wore a modified black school blazer for students with a sword/shield knitted on her breast pocket, a white buttoned-up shirt, black skirt, and shoes.

After summer ended, Jeanne switched to wearing a light blue sleeveless shirt, a short-sleeved coat worn over it, black shorts, black leggings and brown boots; she wears a breastplate over it with armor that covers both her arms. Transferring to Kuoh Academy as a second-year student, she wears the girls' school uniforms, which consists of a white short-sleeved dress shirt, a magenta skirt with white accents, and brown dress shoes over white crew-length socks.

Following her Angelization by Lancelot, Jeanne has a red "2" printed on her right hand, symbolizing her position as his Two of Hearts. She gains a pair of white Angel Wings and halo.


Jeanne has a very cheerful and childlike personality, she also calls people by nicknames that she comes up with, calling Kiba "Yuu-Kun" and Xenovia "Xeno-Chan". Jeanne has also shown to carry a deep sisterly bond with Yumi; both of them being close to each other than they do with Lancelot, but like sisters, they do still fight at times with one another (most of the time it's over Lancelot).

Though in the past, however, Jeanne was originally withdrawn and closed off from the other children who lived in the orphanage with her. This was due to her being traumatized after watching her parents killed right in front of her at the hands of devils, almost causing permanent damage to her mental state. During that time Jeanne gained a great amount of hatred towards Devils as an entire species, desiring to watch every last one of them die. Even after being adopted by Naomi and becoming Yumi's adoptive sister, she continued to be distant from both of them; even after many attempts to connect with her. One day during a joint mission with Naomi and Yumi, Jeanne had almost got herself killed after she went rogue and attacked one of them. However, her life was saved by Naomi who chased after he along with Yumi.


When Jeanne was a little girl, she was known to the people where she used to live as Joan of Arc herself, due to her inheriting her spirit. Jeanne lived a peaceful life with both of her parents, but one day a High-Class Devil heard about her possessing the spirit of the Maiden; and wanted to sell her for a price. This led to her parents being killed by the Devil and her almost being traumatized by the attack. Hearing about the incident, Knights of the Chivalric Order had arrived and brought her to the orphanage.

While there she made little to no attempt to make friends with anyone there but was later adopted by Naomi Shirogane and trained along with Yumi, who was like her sister. During her time with them, Jeanne regained her former childish personality. And at the age of seven, she met up with Lancelot along with Yumi, and almost instantly developed a crush on him after spending some time with him.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Aura: Training in the Chivalric Order, Jeanne became capable of tapping into her own aura. She can cover her body in a subtle shroud of aura, increasing her strength, speed, and defenses.

Light-Based Weapons: Being an Angel, Jeanne can create light-based weapons such as light swords, spears etc.

Master Swordswoman: Jeanne is a very skilled swordswoman. Due to constant training in the Chivalric Order with her adoptive mother, Naomi improved her technique; this is shown with her skills with her holy swords when combined with her speed she can dance through several attacks and retaliate, earning her the epithet of Sword Dancer.

Novice Aura Control: During Volume 5, Jeanne trained over the summer with Elaine and not only developed her aura, but also gained far precise control.

Magic Practioner: During the summer break, Jeanne learned a bit of magic from Lancelot in order to increase her prowess and mastery of her blade blacksmith. She has shown capable of creating a multi-layered barrier. 

Superhuman Speed: Jeanne had remarkable speed, capable of moving at what called God-Speed and she has a great deal of footwork.

Flight: Being an Angel, Jeanne can fly using her wings.


Blade Blacksmith(聖剣創造ブレード・ブラックスミス, Burēdo Burakkusumisu): Jeanne's sacred gear and primary weapon, which grants her the ability to create an infinite number of holy swords with multiple properties at her disposal, such as the holy-lightning sword, holy-ice sword and a magic-adsorption sword, Mana Void. These blades of these swords can appear on any surface.

  • Stake Victim Dragon (断罪の聖龍ステイク・ビクティム・ドラグーン, Suteiku Bikutimu Doragūn): Jeanne's Subspecies Balance Breaker, which creates a dragon that is made up of completely holy swords. While, in her balance breaker state, Jeanne can still create holy swords.


  • Jeanne's main hobby is dancing.
  • Jeanne's appearance is based off of Joan of Arc from the Fate Series.

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