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Kana イエス
Romaji Iesu
Race Human (self-proclaimed)
Demigod (according to Marduk)
Nicknames Jesus of Nazareth
Jesus Christ
Son of God
King of Kings
Hair Color Brow
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Miracles
Personal Status
Relatives God (father) †
Virgin Mary (mother) †
Affiliations Heaven
The Church
Yami Residence (on and off)
Status Alive
Ranking Christ
Jesus is the legendary Son of God, and a figure recorded in the Bible. As the Christ, Jesus is the direct opposite of James and his archrival. Jesus makes his appearance during the 2nd Arc: Awakening of the Prince of Darkness.

Despite being James’s archrival, Jesus is not an antagonist, but he’s also not a protagonist. Instead Jesus is somewhat of a comical character that just annoys James. He’s one of the main reasons James’s life is miserable.

Appearance Edit

Jesus is a very effeminate looking man, having many effeminate features, like soft blue eyes, and very girlish lips. He has very long brown hair that covers most of his forehead, and goes down all the way to his ears.

He is usually seen wearing a white t-shirt with a pair of light blue pants and a fedora hat. He also wears a cross around his neck.

Personality Edit

As Christ, Jesus is the exact opposite of James in personality. While James is actively trying to take down the Dark Council and refusing to admit he’s the Antichrist, Jesus just lays around, not seeing the Dark Council as his problem, and admits that being Christ is his destiny.

James states him to be the most annoying person in the world.

History Edit

Jesus was born to Mary, a virgin at the time, inside a stable. A little after he was born Three Wise Men came and granted him gifts as he was the Son of God, the King of Kings.

Jesus would late be baptized by John the Baptist and Lucifer would try and tempt him into joining the devils. Jesus refused Lucifer, and John and his followers would become Jesus’s disciples.

Jesus would go on preaching the teachings of his Father and gain many followers while preforming miracles. The most famous of his followers are the Twelve Apostles, which includes his best friend, Judas.

Judas would later betray Jesus, resulting in Jesus’s arrest by the Roman Empire. He was Crucified, being slapped with the True Longinus.

After the Great War Michael and the other Seraphs wanted Jesus to take God’s place, but Jesus just left Heaven and lived on Earth.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Holy System Control: It is stated by Azrael that Jesus has the ability to control God’s System even more efficiently than Michael. Not at the level of God, but close.

Miracles: Jesus is able to perform miracles with the utmost ease.  These include walking on water, healing wounds, curing illnesses, and turning water into wine.

Trivia Edit

  • Jesus' appearance is based on Arisuin Nagi from Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan
  • Jesus is the only known legendary figure to be killed by a Longinus before the events of High School DxD
    • That said, it wasn't a problem for him since he just went and revived in Heaven
  • Jesus was the only human/demigod that Lucifer ever feared