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Justine Strider
Kana ジャスチン・ストライダー
Romaji Jasutin sutoraidā
Race Human
Nicknames Swordia Knight
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Hetrocromia - Blue (Right eye). Grey (Left eye)
Equipment Phantom Blade Forges
Personal Status
Affiliations ACT
Church (formerly)
Status Alive
Justine is one member of ACT.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Justine is very loyal to Reyneire.

History Edit

Story Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Master Swordsman:

Equipment Edit

Phantom Blade Forges: Justine's Artificial Sacred Gear. It originally an orb that implanted inside his body and allow him to create several false enchanted swords accordance he wants. But it more weaker than Blade Blacksmith and Sword Birth. Justine makes pact with Swords God Futsunushi to increase its power and get a "Balance Breaker".

  • Unlimited Blade Works: The Balance Breaker of Phantom Blade Forges after Justine Make a pact with Futsunushi and become a 'spirit' of his sacred gear.

Trivia Edit

  • Justine appearance is based from Zastin from To-love Ru
  • Like Freed and Siegfriend. Justine's hair color was the result of the training that he received at his training institution under the Church.

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