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Hello canon character~! It's Kaede-chan for you!

–Kaede upon meeting ORC, Ch. 5

Kaede Shirakawa
Kaede portrait
Kana 白河 楓
Romaji Shirakawa Kaede
Race Dhampir
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Red (vampirism active)
Equipment Cardinal Adamant Windrose
Personal Status
Relatives Lord Blood (father)
Unnamed human mother
Affiliations Anti-cliché Commitee
Status Alive
Ranking Invader
Kaede Shirakawa (楓 白河) is a female character in the story The Worst Invader. She appeared along Kazuma once Ryuuta took the role of main character of the story.

Appearance Edit

Kaede is a girl with a body of a supermodel. She is slender, with curves that rivals those of girls like Xenovia or Kuroka; she has long black hair cut in a hime style, which covers her thin eyebrows and contrasts with her oval purple eyes. Just like Kazuo she doesn't look very Japanese.

As a good DXD girl, she has big breasts, although unlike others, it's her perpetual smile the one that draws the attention of others, since (as it was stated) it is present on her face at all the times, which often makes her appearance become creepy, as her smile will only change tone, like becoming feral or sadistic, even at times when she takes damage.

Personality Edit

Cheerful, easy-going, Kaede takes things in a relaxed way and goes around with a big smile to show how little she actually cares; this does not means that things doesn't matter to her, but that she simply doesn't takes them seriously and as result she can cope with difficult situations with ease.

She likes jokes and to mess with people, even more when they are angry or frustrated, blantantly pointing out their mistakes not really caring that it may blow in her face latter on. she doesn't seems to get the mood many times because of this.

History Edit

The Life That We Never Lived


Plot Edit

In the second episode she appears along with Kazuma, she guards the meeting and tags along him when he goes to find Ryuuta. She assists both of them in their fight against the Gremory and Raynare's group. She displays her insane speed and skill by fending off both Yuuto and Koneko and didn't seem particularily hostile against Ryuuta.

Powers & abilities Edit

Kaede is a physically oriented fighter, favoring speed like that of the knight piece of devils, while not disregarding strength and durability. Kaede is incapable of performing any kind of magic with the exception of Senjutsu, which she uses to enhance herself further more.

Superhuman reflexes: Able to keep up with Kiba and still be aware of her surroundings, Kaede's reflexes are one of her strongest cards. She can virtually dodge any kind of attack, even at point blank range.

Superhuman speed: She is faster than Kiba, and can act and react faster than the eyes can see.

Superhuman strength: Capable of fighting against devils and other supernatural beings on equal terms.

Immortality: Due to Kaede's vampire blood, she boasts immense regenartive skills which make her virtually immortal. She has endured direct damage to her head along almost losing whole body parts by a holy sword, yet she regenerated in matter of seconds.

Equipement Edit

Cardinal Adamant Windrose (カッダナル・アッダマント・ウィンドロセ, Kaddanaru Addamanto Windorose) Also knonw as the Four Resilent Swords of Orientation is an artificial Sacred Gear manufactured by Azazel. It takes the form of a black fuuma shuriken with the ability to separate into different blades for better use. Kaede usually uses it as a single blade to fight on close range. It also has the ability to tell the user the relative position of the North.

Trivia Edit

  • Her appearance is based on the character Kisara Tendo from the series Black Bullet
    • Her name comes from the book Tales of the Otori and is the name of the main female protagonist
  • Kaede tends to break the 4th wall quite often, even more than Kazuma does
  • Her main theme would be Heroes Have No Fear, an original soundtrack of the game Devil Survivor 2

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