Kaoru Miyamoto
Kana キャオールー・ミーヤーモートー
Romaji Miyamoto Kaoru
Race Human/Fallen Angel Hybrid
Nicknames Kao-chan (by Hikaru)

Yandere Incest Prince (by Takumi)

Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Golden Yellow
Equipment Blade Birth (Sacred Gear)

Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Holy Sword)

Personal Status
Relatives Unamed Fallen Angel (Father)

Unamed Human (Mother) Hikaru Miyamoto (Fraternal Twin) Azazel (Adoptive Uncle)

Affiliations Grigori


Status Active
Ranking Knight (Renegade Ranking)
Kaoru Miyamoto is a major character in A Dark Pawn, being a member of Azazel's personal guard, before defecting and joining the Renegade Team founded by Takumi Hanamura, along with his twin sister.

He is also the current wielder of the Holy Sword, Kusanagi no Tsurugi.

Appearence Edit

Kaoru is a little under average for height, his age being 16, and he has a pale skin tone.

Kaoru has short, choppy blond hair and golden cat-like eyes. He wears a black zipless hoodie with a white inside and black dots running vertically down the inside of his hood, mirrored by white dots on the outside. Underneath, he wears a tucked-in beige shirt with long sleeves that he rolls up to his elbows. His jeans are worn with a brown belt and are tucked into black strapped boots that reach to about half of his shins. He also will wear a pair of black leather gloves in combat.

As a Fallen Angel Hybrid, he possesses 3 sets of jet-black wings.

His Renegade mask is a bone white grinning fox mask with red markings.

Personaility Edit

Kaoru has an unfocused, aloof personality and always has a smile on his face. Because he teases a lot, he's often considered to be a flirt- but when it counts, he's worth relying on.

In battle and combat, he plays around with his opponents because he's confident he can win with his abilities, which is right most of the time.

Towards his sister, he's the over-doting older twin, by a few minutes, and is always by her side. Because of these kind of tendencies around her, he's gained the nickname "Yandere Incest Prince", from Takumi.

Kaoru holds high respect for the Renegades leader, Takumi, since he abandoned almost everything when forming the group.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Immense Light Weapon Skill: Being trained by his father and Azazel at a young age, Kaoru has shown to be a master of using his light weapons, mainly in sword forms.

Master Tactician: Having learned straight from another master tactician, Azazel, Kaoru is on-par with and even above his uncle in terms of tactiful minds

Immense Magical Skill: While not a master like his sister, Kaoru is capable of high level magic spells, mainly prefering his swords however.

Immense Speed: As the Knight of the Renegades team, Kaoru has shown his speed is above that of Devil Knights, and is close to a lesser-Gods.

Master Swordsmen: Kaoru's main fighting style, he has mastered different sword styles and techniques to improve himself.

Natural Born Holy and Demonic Sword Wielder: Allows Kaoru to wield numerous holy and demonic swords.

Flight: Having 3 sets of wings, Kaoru is capable of flight.

Equipment Edit

Blade Birth has the ability to create numerous Holy, Demonic, Holy-Demonic swords of different attributes, shapes, and properties according to the user's will. As an irregular gear that can create swords matching legendary swords, it can create swords in the image of legendary swords with extra properties and abilities.

  • Copy Excalibur Destruction is a sword built in the image of said Excalibur Fragment, bearing stronger destructive capabilities, and stronger holy energy.
  • The True Holy and Demonic, Law and Chaos (ザー・トルー・ホーリー・アンド・ディーモニック・ロー・アンド・ケーオス), (Shin no shinsei to akuma,-hō to kaosu), is the Balance Breaker of Blade Birth. It summons two blades to the user's hands, each representing "holy" and "demonic" in their truest forms. Law, the shorter blade, uses magic to create barriers and heal, while Chaos, the larger blade, uses magic for attacking, being able to launch waves of destruction and burn with demonic flames.
  • Chaos. the True Demon Blade is one of the sub-species Balance Breakers Blade Birth possesses. Summoning only Chaos to the user's dominant hand, the user's arm is covered in a scaley black and crimson gauntlet with a purple gem, which can channel and gather demonic power.
  • Law, the Truly Blessed Blade is the second sub-species Balance Breaker of Blade Birth. Summoning only Law to the user's dominant hand, the user's arm is covered in a feather covered white and gold gauntlet with a blue gem, which can channe and gather light power.

Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi (天叢雲剣, lit. "Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven") is a Holy Sword of Shinto legends that rivals the original Excalibur and Durandal. It is also known as the Kusanagi no Tsurugi("Grass-Cutting Sword"). Unlike the other Holy Swords, that are said to be forged by God, the Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi was found inside the body of the legendary 8-headed Evil Dragon, Yamata no Orochi. Kaoru inheirted the blade from his mother, the original wielder.

Trivia Edit

  • Appearence is based on Shuuya Kano from Kagerou Project.

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