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Heavens Blade 4

"Allow me to show you the might of the Heaven's Blade in my hands. As I send you to a one way trip to the Netherworld!"

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I guess my time living as a normal human is up. I think it's time I made my introduction, my name is Kazuki Hyoudou...the White Dragon Emperor. The Vanishing Dragon.

–Kazuki's Introduction as the Vanishing Dragon, Chapter 1

Kazuki Hyoudou
Kazuki Hyoudou, the Vanishing Dragon
Kana 兵藤 一希 (Full Kanji)
カズキ (Katakana)
Romaji Hyōdō Kazuki
Race Reincarnated Angel
Former Humanoid Dragon
Former Human
Nicknames King of Kuoh
White Dragon Emperor (shared with Albion)
Kazu (by Irina and Le Fay)
Pretty-Boy Dragon Emperor (by Bikou)
White Haired Heretic (by Xenovia)
Maid Dragon Emperor (shared with Albion)
Meido Dragon
White Dragon Slayer
Gabriel's Joker
Wild Card of Heaven
Hair Color Brown
White (Dragon Form)
Eye Color Brown
Blue (Dragon Form)
Equipment Divine Dividing
Arondight V
White Dragon Slayer Magic
Light-Based Weapons
Personal Status
Relatives Juzo Hyoudou (Grandfather) †
Unnamed Grandmother
Unnamed Parents
Issei Hyoudou
Affiliations Hyoudou Residence
Kuoh Academy (Second-Year)
Basketball Club (Captain)
Occult Research Club
Avalon Team (Founder/Leader)
Status Alive
Ranking Joker

Kazuki Hyoudou is another main male protagonist of The Twin Dragons. He is a second-year student at Kuoh Academy along with his elder twin brother, Issei Hyoudou. Kazuki is the captain of the Basketball Club and became their best player.

He was a human who had knowledge of Devils residing in Kuoh Town and had a talent for magic and combat, which is rare for a human born into a normal family, on his back, Kazuki wields the Sacred Gear, Divine Dividing, making him the direct rival of his older twin brother, Issei, and Ddraig; with both promising to fight one another one day in order to find out which one of them were stronger.

Kazuki was reincarnated into an Angel under Gabriel, one of the Four Great Seraph and the Strongest Woman in Heaven as her "Joker". He became the leader of a special team that he formed over the summer known as the Avalon Team.



Kazuki's Profile Picture

Kazuki is a high school student of average height with a far leaner build once compared to his older brother. He has brown unkempt hair and light brown eyes; it was revealed that Sona was the one who altered his hair so that people wouldn't mistake him for his brother anymore. Following his training over the summer with Tiamat, Kazuki had gained a more toned and muscular build compared to before.

He has worn various clothing throughout the series, his most common is his usual Kuoh Academy boys' school uniform, which is a black blazer worn over a white long-sleeved dress shirt with black vertical lining, a black ribbon on his collar, black pants, and brown dress shoes. As a member of the Basketball Club, in the middle of practice and during a game, he is seen wearing basketball jersey and shorts with Kuoh Academies' colors along with a pair of white sneakers.

Near the end of the summer, Gabriel had a new pair of combat clothing made for him in the Heaven Research Department. It consists of a white modified jacket with black lining on them, two silver cross designed on both of his sleeves, a with a black J (in Old English) along with a single angel wing knitted on his breast pocket, a black sleeveless undershirt, with modified white trousers and sneakers.

During the battle against the Gremory and Riser Phenex, his entire body was transformed into that of a white dragon. Similar to Issei, in order for him to appear human, Akeno had performed a ritual that would suck out the power of the dragon out of his new body allowing him to appear human. In his dragon form, his eyes turn blue and his hair turns spiky white.

Personality Edit


Kazuki smiling

Kazuki carries a number of different personality traits shown throughout the entire series. At first, he has shown to have a great deal of confidence in his abilities, such as his intelligence and natural talent. Eventually, Kazuki joined the Basketball Team and eventually became their star player. This soon led to him becoming very popular with the females in Kuoh Academy, along with this eventually giving him the title "King of Kuoh". He also possesses a great deal of confidence in himself, but Kazuki care even more about his family since they were the reason why he chose to suppress his Longinus instead of just awakening it in order keep over beings from sensing it as this was one of the reasons why he decided to suppress his Sacred Gear instead of awakening it, to keep over beings from sensing it.

Like his brother, many times Kazuki can sometimes "Get into the business of others". This was first shown when he helped Mittlet after her brother attempted to kill both of them, which had soon caused her to look at him as her older brother the same as Koneko. And this is shown when he had helped Akeno overcome her fear of using her power as a Fallen Angel, along with helping her overcome her hatred for her father, Barakiel whom she had formerly blamed for the death of her mother.

Despite his intelligence, like his brother, Kazuki can sometimes be oblivious when it comes to how the other girls romantically feel about him, which he only eventually realizes after they eventually admit it to him. After realizing that he was unable to suppress his Sacred Gear anymore, he soon gained the drive to become stronger than he was so that he could protect those that he cared about. Even though he sometimes seems capable of maintaining his composure, but there are times when he can lose his temper as shown during Rias' Rating Game battle with Raiser Phenex and his Peerage when they were greatly injured and then ridiculed.

Shu glare

Kokabiel's Biggest Mistake Ever

In battle, Kazuki has always been highly tactical, this is due to his desire to find a new solution instead of just running in guns blazing. Unlike his brother who has a habit of charging into situations solely based on his own emotions, Kazuki thinks through the situation that they get in most of the time. He also believes that anything is possible with planning, developing techniques and coming up with strategies. Kazuki constantly shows this during his battles with the Khaos Brigade along with his teammates, the Occult Research Club and the members of the Student Council. Azazel states that his way and Issei's way of fighting are perfect for a King. While Issei continues to fight forward using his "Heart", while Kazuki uses his "Brain" and his ability to adapt to mainly any situation.

It was also revealed that he has a strong fetish for Maids, as shown with his reaction when he first met Grayfia and Lucia after they had transported inside of his bedroom instead of Issei's bedroom where Rias actually was. Kazuki secretly strongly believes that true beauty can be shown when a woman wears a Maid's Outfit, which makes them far cuter and enhance their beauty.

As a child, Kazuki was formally a very timid and shy when it had come to interact with other people that he didn't know. He had also carried great admiration for his older brother, due to his straightforward nature a slightly very timid and shy when it had come to interact with other people, as opposed to his older brother who was always straightforward with how he felt about some people. Kazuki also held a great amount of admiration for his older brother due to that personality trait, and due to him always defending him whenever he was picked on by others. After he was given some great advice by his older brother, be begun to become more confident in himself.


Shu in Lost Christmas

Kazuki as a child

Before both Issei and Kazuki were born their parents had a very hard time conceiving a child failing twice in the process. One day, when their mother finally got pregnant again, their father completely worried about what might happen paced back and forth in front of a Shinto Shrine honestly wishing and praying that this time that they may finally have their own child. When they were finally born, both of them were even more excited they found out that they had two healthy twin boys. They soon named the eldest twin Issei and the youngest twin, Kazuki, and they grew up in a town by the name of Kuoh. Growing up together, their parents recognized Issei as being the straightforward yet kind one, while recognizing Kazuki as being the smart and careful one.

During his childhood, Kazuki has also always been bullied at the park by a number of kids and he was always protected by his older brother who he always looked up to. At some point, we both met and befriended Irina Shidou, a very tomboyish girl who lived in the same area as them. Both had soon begun to hang around each other, along with going to the very same Church as both her and her family. This eventually led to both of them developing a mutual crush for one another before she moved away and leaving him with a silver cross to remember her by. Months afterward, he started trying to be more confident in himself, like his older brother. He then attended the same middle school as Issei, Matsuda, and Motohama.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Great Magic Power: Despite being born into a normal family, Kazuki has an exceptional amount of latent magical potential. Training with Le Fay Pendragon and Kuroka, who both are skilled Wizard-Types, his magical abilities to the point where he could easily overwhelm Yubelluna, the strongest member of Riser Phenex's peerage. Further training with the Strongest Dragon King, Tiamat has increased his overall magical powers to the point where like Vali, Kazuki could use his Juggernaut Drive for a period of time. 

Light-Based Weapons: As an Angel, Kazuki can create light-based weapons with ease. He has even shown to be able to cover his light weapons with his white flames as shown with his battle with Creuserey. After he rebuilt his Dragon Slayer Magic, this turned his light weapons white and gained the same properties as a dragon slayer.

Holy Sword Wielder: After meeting Sir Lancelot, the former wielder of the Divine Dividing inside of the depths of his sacred gear, he gained the blessing that allows him to wield holy swords.

Superhuman Strength: Kazuki has shown to possess limited physical prowess, being able to kick, Gadreel, who was a four-winged fallen angel into a fountain though with a blindsided attack. As a result of his training with Vali and Bikou, combined with his new draconic body has increased his physical prowess to the point where he could handle close-quarters combat with Mid-Class Stray Devils and Devils; training with Tiamat, he could fight against an Ultimate-Class Devils.

Immense Speed: Kazuki is noticeably faster than an average human, capable of outpacing a four-winged Fallen Angel. After his training with Arthur, his speed had increased to the point where he could match Kiba. His speed had developed over the summer with his training along with Tiamat, his speed had increased to the point where it was difficult for him to tell where he went.

Immense Durability: Kazuki was originally a fragile individual who couldn't take on powerful attacks from a far more powerful opponent, though after gaining his new draconic body and training with Vali and Bikou, he could handle the full fire attacks from Raiser Phenex. After his training with Tiamat, who is the Strongest Dragon King, Kazuki could handle the excess power that he takes from using Divine Dividing.

Immense Stamina: Kazuki has proven to have great stamina, as a result of his daily training with the Basketball Club, he is capable of fighting for a long period of time. Through his training with members of the Vali Team along with his training with the Strongest Dragon King, Tiamat, Kazuki is capable of maintaining his balance breaker for over a week. 

Magic Talent: Kazuki has been praised by Azazel for his potential in utilizing magic, it was high enough for him to be able to suppress his Mid-Tier Longinus for almost a year. Training with both Le Fay and Kuroka, he learned a multitude of offensive and defensive spells in order to increase his combat strength.

  • White Dragon Slayer Magic: This is a unique magic invented for the purpose of harming or killing dragons and dragon-related beings. It was modified in a way that suits his fighting style and so that it wouldn't affect him in a negative way. Kazuki can produce and control white light from any part of his body letting him use it for either close or long-ranged combat while granting him a resistance against light and even letting Kazuki adsorb his respective element to revitalize himself.

Master Tactician: Kazuki has been praised as being as being intelligent for someone his age. After enrolling into Kuoh Academy as a first-year, he has been complimented by Sona as being a strategist as she played chess with him a number of times, though she still won, Sona lost a number of her chess pieces in the endgame. Kazuki has shown his skills as a battle tactician in combat as he studied his opponents' movements and abilities to figure out a way to counter them effectively.

Master Technician: He is often described as being the perfect example of a Technique-Type Fighter who seeks to polish his techniques, magic and sacred gear to the utmost limit. Azazel has described Kazuki as desiring to be more versatile so that he could react to most situations and then alter his strategies.

Master Swordsman: He has shown to have at least minimal skills in swordplay, as shown when he could wield a Stray Exorcist's Light Sword and fought a number of them. Training with Arthur Pendragon, a master swordsman in his own right has refined his swordplay to the point where Kazuki could counter the fire magic of Yubelluna and slash the chest of Kokabiel. After training with a skilled veteran swordman from Kyoto, Kazuki has started to learn swordplay from Japan developing skills to the point where they matched Kiba.

Martial Arts Expert: Kazuki originally held limited combat skills, barely enough for him to fight a fallen angel or devil. Training with Bikou, a skilled martial artist, he managed to pick up the basics and has been shown capable of challenging a Fallen Angel Kokabiel. Training with the Dragon King, Tiamat and learning Chinese Martial Arts from his teammate Nagi Springfield. As shown during his match against his older brother a Power-Type, he was capable of deflecting his powerful attacks using fluid movements. 

Survival Skills: During his training with Tiamat over the Summer on her own personal mountain, Kazuki gained the ability to survive in harsh conditions like his brother.

Contract: Kazuki is the only person who was able to form a pact with the Strongest of the Dragon Kings, Tiamat, also known as The Chaos Karma Dragon.

Dragonfication: Sacrificing his human body to Albion, Kazuki had gained the body of the dragon. He had soon gained the ability to transform any part of his body into a dragon with just a thought, however afterward he has to have the excess dragon power drained by either Akeno or someone else.

Flight: Thanks to his Divine Dividing, Kazuki is able to fly using the White Dragon Emperor's Light Wings. Being an Angel, he can fly using his 10 angel wings.



Kazuki using Divide in Balance Breaker: Scale Mail

Divine Dividing (白龍皇の光翼ディバイン・ディバイディング, Dibain Dibaidingu): Kazuki's Sacred Gear and main weapon of choice. The Divine Dividing is listed as one of the first thirteen Longinus, which holds the spirit of the Vanishing Dragon, the White Dragon Emperor, Albion, one of the Heavenly Dragons. It is said to have the power to kill a God once mastered. It takes the form of a pair of light wings with eight energy "feathers" that enables flight that can reach up to light-speed. These wings work in an opposite way in comparison to the Boosted Gear, in which it has the ability to Divide an individual's power by half soon after coming into physical contact with them every 10 seconds, the opponent's drained power is then added to himself and when he reaches his maximum limit, the excess power is then released through his wings. Later on, Kazuki gains the ability to Reflect, allowing him to redirect incoming attacks.
  • Divine Dividing: Scale Mail (白龍皇の鎧ディバイン・ディバイディング・スケイルメイル, Dibain Dibaidingu: Sukeiru Meiru): The Balance Beaker of Divine Dividing that creates a white dragon armor and soon became his primary battle form when up against powerful opponents. Kazuki achieved this form during his battle with Kokabiel after he declared war against both Heaven and the Underworld. In this form, he can use Divide without the normal 10-second limiter. The Divine Dividing also has a second ability, which is capable of halving the size of both objects and living beings through the use of Half Dimension, he doesn't need to make physical contact with the target to use this ability.
  • Juggernaut Drive (覇龍ジャガーノート・ドライヴ, Jagānōto Doraivu): This is a form unique to both the Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing. This temporarily removes the seal placed on Heavenly Dragons granting the user immense power. A drawback of this form causes its user to lose their sanity while having their lifespan devoured by power. However, Kazuki avoids this by instead using his magic reserves as an alternative force, but he can only manage this for only a couple of minutes. In this form, Kazuki fought against Issei after going berserk and activating an incomplete version of his Juggernaut Drive.
  • Royal Wild Card (天使の猶予ロイアル・ワイルド・カード, Roiaru Wairudo Kādo): This is a specialized technique utilized by Kazuki Hyoudou that changes his scale mail armor into different forms based on his own preferences while taking on the characteristics of cards from the brave saints system, while also syncing his dragon slayer abilities with the power of the white dragon emperor.
  • Supreme Silver Card: A far advanced form gained after he finally mastered the Juggernaut Drive, which makes it far more powerful in comparison. In this form, the color of his scale mail armor is changed to silver and he gains a total of twelve angel wings that shines with a silver radiance. Like Issei's Cardinal Crimson Promotion and Vali's Empireo Purgatory Overdrive, it does not consume his lifespan. Kazuki has access to a far more enhanced variant of Half Dimension, which compresses the body of a specific target until they cease to exist called Compression Divider.

Arondight V (エアロンダイ, Earondaito V): Also known as the Holy Dragon Knight Sword of Valor, this is the result of Kazuki imbuing his dragon-slayer magic into the remains of Arondight and linking it with his own innate dragon aura plus unlocking the aura of Albion that was imbued within Arondight after being sealed within Divine Dividing. It boasts offensive powers and sharpness that let Kazuki counter a charged attack from the Demonic Emperor Sword, Gram; Arondight V is a unique sword capable of morphing into any sword form that its wielder desires. Azazel describes it as an imitation of the Imperial Regalia of Japan, Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, which in the Japanese Myth represents "Valor".


The chant for Divine Dividing's Juggernaut Drive goes as follows:

I, who am about to awaken,
Am the Heavenly Dragon who has taken the Principles of Supremacy from God
I envy the Infinite and I pursue the Dream
I shall become the White Dragon of Supremacy
And I shall take you to the limits of White Paradise!

The chant for Divine Dividing's Supreme Silver Card goes as follows:

I, who am about to awaken
Am the White Dragon Emperor who shall forge his own path towards Heaven
I shall walk down the Road of Supremacy with the Infinite Drive to surpass the Unbreakable Dream
I will become the Pure Emperor of White Dragon
And I shall show you all my Paradise, which glows with a Silver-White Brilliance!


  • (Kazuki's Introduction to Gadreel) "I guess my time living as a normal human is up. I think it's time I made my introduction, my name is Kazuki Hyoudou...the White Dragon Emperor. The Vanishing Dragon." (Chapter 1: Prologue)
  • (To Issei) "If we're going to fight each other one day, it's going to prove once and for all which one of us is the strongest." (Chapter 4: What do you desire?)
  • (Kazuki's declaration to Raiser Phenex) "If giving up my Human body means taking down overconfident bastards like you then so be it." (Chapter 8: Twin Dragons vs. Phenex)
  • (Kazuki's declares his dream to Albion) "I'm going to become the strongest Vanishing Dragon and I'm going to become the strongest White Dragon, even surpassing you Albion." (Chapter 9: Familiar Hunting)
  • (Kazuki declaring his new dream) "If there is a path such as that for the Red Dragon, then there would be a path for the White Dragon. It wouldn't look right if I who is the White Dragon doesn't try to reach that ultimate-class that a red dragon was able to achieve. That's why I want to become the True White Dragon God Emperor…that is my final goal as the Hakuryuukou."


  • Kazuki's kanji in his name means "One Rare" (一希), which references his unnatural talent despite coming from a family of normal humans.
    • His surname Hyoudou (兵藤) means "Regular Soldier". So the full meaning of his name is "One Rare Regular Soldier".
  • Kazuki's height is 5ft 7in and his weight is 137 lbs.
  • Kazuki's birthday is on April 16.
  • Kazuki shares Issei's love for cheesecake.
  • Kazuki's scores are ranked 2nd in Kuoh Academy.
  • It was later discovered that Kazuki has a fetish for female Maids.
  • Kazuki's fetish for maids stemmed from his grandfather explaining "The Wonders of Maids" when he was younger.
  • Kazuki is the only Sacred Gear user who lives in Kuoh Town who wasn't reincarnated into a Devil.
  • Kazuki's appearance is based on Shu Ouma from Guilty Crown.