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Err... I don't even know what I'm doing here but let's oppose Ryuuta Bellemonth as much as we can~

–Kazuma, The Worst Invader Ch. 1

Kazuma Itori

Even edgier kazuma hell shironeki fanboy level of edgy kazuma

Kirito tier edgy kazuma portrait

Kana イトリ一真
Romaji Itori Kazuma
Race Human
Nicknames Snake of Eden/Dragon Eater/Poison of God/ Evil Intentions of God (shared with Samael)
Creative One
Hair Color Black (originally)
White (post Samael sync)
Eye Color Grey
Equipment Twilight Factory
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed parents
Affiliations Anti-Cliché Commitee (founder and leader)
Status Active
Ranking Invader
Kazuma Itori (一真 イトリ) is the "main antagonist" of the story The Worst Invader. Kazuma serves as Ryuuta's counterpart and main opposer while being considered an Invader himself.

Appearance Edit

Kazuma is a somewhat tall for a Japanese boy with previously black messy hair and eyebrows. He has a slim and bony built, and looks fairly fragile. His eyes are grey and sharp, lacking some of the shine of a normal person; howerver and despite how his appears to be a stoic person, they can be (his eyes) very expressive if one pays attention to them.

After his Sacred Gear's syncronization with Ryuuta Bellemonth's, Kazuma's hair was bleached to the point of becoming completely white due to the stress and weight of Samael's true presence. He continues to be stoic, but he has dropped his apathetic mask almost completely, becoming more like a poker face with a tad of irritation.

Personality Edit

Ever since the beginning Kazuma has been shown to be a highly emotional person who tries to hide his thoughts from others. He keeps his feelings in check and tries not to be too reactive, rendering to a passive/depressive state in which he is almost always emotionally neutral. Even if he's not good at hiding them (his emotions), over the time he has learned to control his feelings and to maintain his composure, which is imperative since Kazuma can be very volatile some times.

Kazuma is very pragmatic, and will join force with anyone in order to fulfill his desire. Even if he acts like he trust others, in fact he doesn't, and never expects anything but the worst from people; it's worth nothing that the only exception is Kaede Shirakawa, to whom he has trusted his very life more than once.

After fighting against Vergil along Ryuuta, and their following transformation, Kazuma stops sounding emotionless to give a tired, albeit irritated vibe; he becomes more open and starts acknowledging the canon characters as real people.

History Edit

Kazuma was summoned in order to serve as Ryuuta's opposer; regardless he had a life in a different world as hinted by himself although it has not been revealed just yet.

Plot Edit

Kazuma's first appearance was when he reunited some canon characters to oppose Ryuuta Bellemonth. He explains them his plan, and guides them in knowing a bit more about the invader in question. Later, he tries to speak in private with Sirzechs, but is interrupted by Michael and Grabiel, who doesn't trust him at all.

Later, he along Kaede goes to the park where Issei is supposed to be killed, only to find Ryuuta and present himself as his opposer. When they go to see if Issei was indeed killed, Raynare attacks the three of them, and are forced to join efforts to fend off against the fallen angel and the Ocult Research Club; during the fight, he blocks away most of the attacks until Ryuuta leaves to dispose of Kiba, in which moment he activates his Balance Breaker and pins down Mittlet and Kawalarner, not before killing Dohnaseek.

Once the fight is over, he uses Soul Press on Koneko, after she apparently finds out something about him. When Ryuuta kills Raynare, he disaproves but says nothing more.

Powers & abilities Edit

Superhuman physiology: While being supposed to be on par with Ryuuta, Kazuma showed to be stronger than him; being able to shrug off his attacks without problem due to him being the "antagonist" character.

Senjutsu: Senjutsu is different from magic and sorcery. The biggest difference is that Senjutsu stresses the importance of something called chakra, the aura that is the great original power that flows into one's spirit, in other words one's life-force, and turns it into a constant current. Kazuma has only stated that he can use it, although he did show one technique involving it.

  • Soul Press: (ソール・プレス, Sooru Puresu) also known as Spirit Breaker is a technique that Kazuma can use with the aid of senjutsu. Using his life-force he "touches" the nervous system of the target, making them feel either pain or pleasure. It was used against Koneko in chapter 3.

Equipment Edit

Sacred Gear Edit

Twilight Factory (トゥアイライト・ファックタリー; Tuairaito Fakkutarii) also known as the Creations of the Snake of Eden is the second Twilight Gear and Kazuma's main source of power which holds a small fractions of Samael's soul. It takes the form of a pair of black gauntlets with a red gem in the center of the back of the hand, and a cross in the center of said jewel. Holding mostly the fallen angel side of Samael, it has the ability to create light. Kazuma can create holographic objects such as blades, guns and more. The constructions carries Samael's dragon slayer properties.

After his sync with Ryuuta during the battle against Vergil Taurus Uzumaki, Kazuma unlocked the full potential of his Sacred Gear, giving his light constructs the properties of true light like heat and color, turning them into "ghost like" ones. He also gained the ability of concentrating the light in a single point and shoot it to form lasers.

  • Heroic Paradox Devil Armor (ヒローイック・ペアアッダックス・デヴァル・アマー, Hirooikku Peaaddakkusu Deviru Amaa), also known as the Paradox of a Villan Wearing a Hero's Leather Cloth; is a special form that Kazuma developed while fighting Ryuuta to mimic the former's stage system. In this form, a black light armor covers Kazuma's whole body except for his face. In this form, Kazuma's hair turns white, and grows a pair of bat-like wings to fly.
Twilight factory feather cloth

Twilight Factory Feather Cloth

Balance Breaker:  The Balance Breaker for Twilight Factory is called Twilight Factory Feather Cloth (トゥアイライト・ファックタリー・フェザー・クロース; Tuairaito Fakkutarii Fezaa Kuroosu), also known as the Feathers of the Snake of Eden which creates a pitch black armor with two floating disks with wings spreading from them, both of the same color of the armor. In this form the user gets their physical capabilities boosted as well as their mastery over the light constructions.

Breakdown the Beast (ブレイクダウン・ザ・ビースト; Bureikudaun za Bīsuto): Also known as the Beast of Supremacy is Twilight Factory's version of the Juggernaut Drive which unleashes Samael's full power. In this form Kazuma's Feather Cloth becoms bigger and more organic-looking heavily resembling Samael himself. The power of this form rivals with that of a god or demon lord. The chant goes as follows:

Who dares to awaken me from my slumber?
I am the unstoppable evil that drives this world to its end.
I who devour the "Infinite" and intoxicates the "Dream".
I shall become the World Ender.
And the time to face your doomsday has come!
Breakdown the Beast!

Nemesis Utopian Override: (TBA)

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm the other side, your dearest enemy Itori Kazuma. Please take care of me" (while presenting himself to Ryuuta)
  • "You think it's that simple? That you can just say 'we can do it~!' and everything is gonna be okay?! I thought you were smarter Koneko-chan!" (to Koneko about fighting Ryuuta)

Trivia Edit

  • His appearance and image are based on Shinnosuke Arisu from the light novel Mokushiroku Arisu, and the Accelerator from the series To Aru Majutsu no Index.
    • The Sacred Gear appearance is based on the Simon Gauntlet from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, while the balance breaker is based on the Grand Chariot armor from Akame ga Kiru!
    • Kazuma's VA would be Minami Takayama, who featured the voice of Hajime Hinata and Izuru Kamukura (Kazuma's voice resembles Izuru's).
  • Kazuma is fully aware of his position within the The Worst Invader world and actually takes adventage of that.
  • Despite the monstruously versatile nature of his powers, Kazuma insists in using his projections in rather simple and crude ways to overpower his foes. This discrepancy is shared with Ryuuta and Kaede to some extent.
  • His main theme would be Decisive Battle Against a Sworn Friend, an original soundtrack of the game Devil Survivor 2.

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