Heavens Blade 4

"Allow me to show you the might of the Heaven's Blade in my hands. As I send you to a one way trip to the Netherworld!"

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Kiyoko Narukami
The Lightning Beast
Kana キヨーコー・ナーラキャミー
Romaji Kiyoko Narakyamii
Race Raijū
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Electric Blue
Equipment Lightning Manipulation
Temporal Manipulation
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents †
Raijin (Legal Guardian)
Affiliations Shinto Faction (former)
Avalon Team
Status Alive

Kiyoko is a Youkai more specifically a Raijū, in the FanFiction The Twin DragonsFormerly, she was with the Shinto Faction in Japan before running away after the death of her parents. Years later, she joined the Independent Team, Avalon


Kiyoko is a beautiful light silver haired young woman with white skin, who appears to be in her late teens around the same age as Rias, Akeno, Sona, and Tsubaki. In her Youkai form, which she was in most of the time before meeting Kazuki and entering Kuoh Academy, she grew a pair of light silver wolve ears and a tail. Before meeting Kazuki and the others she wore nothing but a pure white kimono, with a light blue obi, 

After transferring to Kuoh Academy as a third-year student, she wears the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform, which consists of a white long-sleeved, button-down shirt, with a black ribbon on her shirt collar worn under a black shoulder cape and a matching button-down corset, a magenta skirt with white accents, and brown dress shoes over white crew-length socks.

Personality Edit

As a child, Kiyoko originally had a more cheerful personality even addressing the Shinto Gods as 'Oji-Chan', Oba-Chan', 'Ojii-Chan' or 'Obaa-Chan'. As a little girl, she used to enjoy riding on the shoulders of the Thunder God, Raijin. However, after the deaths of her parents by while they were both on an assignment, she had become serious with a stoic tone in her voice. And similar at times she can be inappropriate no matter the situation, similar to Xenovia.

After she had met up with Kazuki and the others among the Avalon Team, Kiyoko began to regain the emotions that she had lost. As she began to see each of them as the family that she had lost.

History Edit

Kiyoko is the child of two Youkai, Raijū who worked close to the Shinto Thunder God, Raijin. She had lived a moderately happy life with both of her parents, with her mother cooking good food and her father telling her stories when he wasn't busy on missions. Due to their relationship with Rajin, she had affectionately called him "Rai-Oji-Chan" when she would see him and would even sometimes ride on his shoulders.

Kiyoko had become affectionate with each of the Gods of the Shinto. But when she was a little girl both of her parents were killed by a rival Faction. Distraught by what happened to her parents, she expects to Rajin to retaliate, however, he didn't do anything. Being both confused and angered by what had happened, Kiyoko had run away from the Shinto without letting him explain his reasoning.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Lightning: Being a Raijū, Kiyoko is capable of controlling lightning, along with being capable of generating it from her entire body. Kiyoko is capable of creating a large ball made completely out of lightning in the middle of her hands, which is capable of either paralyzing and/or gravely damaging a large number of her opponents; she is also capable of increasing the voltage. Due to her advanced mastery, Kiyoko is capable of bringing down a large bolt of lightning from the skies and onto her opponents. As a Raijū, she is capable of fully transforming into lightning to increase her speed greatly. 

Senjutsu Expert: To ensure her survival after running away from the Shinto Faction, Kiyoko had begun to learn how to utilize Senjutsu. Due to her mastery, she is capable of manipulating the flow of her ki and she is capable of disrupting her opponent's ki and/or severing it to cause internal damage. She has shown capable of spying on her and tracking her opponents from far away distances.  

Touki: Due to her mastery of Senjutsu, Kiyoko is capable of wearing an aura of ki around her entire body and allows her to greatly increase her power, speed, and her toughness. This allows her to counter magical attacks by knocking them away with her bare hands.

  • Raikou Touki: Kiyoko first surrounds herself with Touki and then she synchronizes it with the lightning she generates throughout her entire body. This then creates a very dense aura of lightning around her body, which tremendously increases her own power, reaction speed, and mobility.

Space-Time Manipulation: Aside from Lightning, Senjutsu, and Touki, Kiyoko has also shown to be the ability to perform space-time manipulation, though at this point she can only manipulate time and using this ability to slow down her opponent attacks.

Master Combatant: After she ran away from the Heaven in the Shinto Faction, to survive on her own, Kiyoko begun to learn the basics of martial arts and unarmed combat. Through the battles that she went through against Evil Beings who attempted to take her life as a child, Kiyoko has become experienced in defending herself. This is mainly shown in her battle against a crowd of High and Mid-Class Devils from the Old Maou Faction, while she was also defending Konoka from being attacked by demonic powers.

Stealth: Kiyoko uses her Senjutsu to conceal her presence from other Devils by changing her ki flow.

Transformation: Even though she hasn't shown it yet, Kiyoko is capable of transforming from her Human Form into a large silver Raiju.


  • Kiyoko's body measurements are B87-W58-H88 cm, height 5'5" and weight 123lbs.
  • Kiyoko is described as a Youkai Version of Xenovia.
  • Kiyoko's appearance is based off of Origami Tobiichi from Date-A-Live. Including their similar personalities (but this is a coincidence, I swear.)