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Knights (騎士, Kishi) are members of the Chivalric Order mainly Humans or Human-Hybrids tasked with killing Devils, Fallen Angels, Vampires, Demonic Beasts, and Monsters who can potentially harm Humans. 



Galahad (Young Knight)

The title [Knight] was granted to humans who were charged with the task of protecting both the kingdom and its monarch along with other nobles from rival kingdoms; and in return, they were all paid for their loyalty and service with either money or land. The children of Knights were kept in the castle and raised by their caretakers until the age of seven before beginning their training to become a Knight themselves. During the era of the well-known [King of Knights] Arthur Pendragon, and the [Legendary Knight], Sir Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table.

During wars and small battles against armies that varied from demonic creatures and even against other humans who wished for the end of Camelot, most of them were also assisted by Magicians like Merlin. From their extensive training and weaponry, along with their resistance to magic, they became capable of fighting against beings like High-Class Devils.

In that era, the strongest of them was Sir Lancelot, a fully realized Knight, who would normally be seen fighting in the frontlines against armies by himself armed with both his demonic and holy swords that soon earned him the title as a God of War. It was even rumored that Sir Lancelot was capable of fighting evenly against Ultimate-Class Devils. 

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

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The ability of a 'True' Knight

The moment they reach the age of 7, the children who chose to become Knight go through rigorous training to fight beings like High-Class Devils and Fallen Angels. While Knights are incapable of matching them when it comes to demonic power or magic, they instead train to be capable of resisting their demonic powers with their own bodies. For many years, they train to perfect their combat and weapons skills, allowing them to fight against opponents no matter how numerous and became capable of deflecting both magic and demonic attack. 

Amongst their ranks there exists Knights who have powers on par or stronger than High-Class Devils known as the six Arch-Knight. Amongst the Chivalric Order, there are Knights who possess incredible strength that can only be called monstrous; they are considered to be True Knights capable of fighting against Ultimate-Class Devils. And the one who carries the potential to fight against one of the Four Great Satan is then given the title of Head Paladin


There are some Knight who train themselves to the point where they can tap into their own Aura and are able to wear it around their bodies to increase their attack, speed, and defense (mainly against magic). Over the years, there have been Knights who developed many ways of utilizing their auras in combat against beings of the supernatural; most of them being among the Paladins.

Internal TechniquesEdit

These techniques are used by them releasing their "aura" and/or "ki" internally to strengthen their physical or internal bodies, to replenish their stamina or increase the bodies' regeneration. Has shown by Elaine who is a master of her own aura, if one can master their aura then it is possible for them to maintain their youthful looks by channeling their "aura" or "ki" internally. Internal Techniques are important in becoming a Paladin.

Noble ArtsEdit

Amongst the most talented of Knights, there are some who can make specific adjustments to their aura and use a unique weapon as a medium to develop their own unique technique. 

Name Information
Dream Sword Employed by Naomi Shirogane and utilized using Masamune. A technique where Naomi would create a personal invisible field around her, that would also expand her senses and perception beyond her normal limits; Naomi would predict the next attacks that came from her opponent the moment they stepped into her field.  



A Knight wielding a Magic Ark

Magic Arks: These are unique weapons created using alchemy and then blessed by individuals of the Church and the Angels of Heaven. These can injure Devils, Fallen Angels, Vampires and other Monstrous beings. Due to them being created using Magic, they each carry a unique ability that makes them far more dangerous than normal weapons. These range from swords, spears, lances, gauntlets and other weaponry.

Sacred Gears:  Due to some Knights being either Pure-Humans or at least Human-Hybrids, there are some born with powerful abilities created by the original God from the Bible. Their abilities vary from person to person. 

Holy Swords: Though rare there are some Knights who were born with the capability to wield holy swords, which can damage Devils, Vampires, and creatures of darkness.

Demon Swords: There is some Knight who can wield demon swords capable of causing harm to Angels and Fallen Angels.


Their ranks are granted by the Head Paladin depending on their strengths and achievements. They are:

Ranking Information
Head Paladin is the most powerful of Knights, and possess the commanding authorities over them, and thus making them the leader of the Chivalric Order.
Paladin are a group of powerful Knights who just bellow that of the Head Paladin, they possess the same type of authority over the other Knights.  
Arch-Knight is a title given to knights with strength greater than that of normal knights, which is equal to that of an High-Class Devil. They have a greater amount of authority compared to that of normal Knights.
Knights honorary title given to those who underwent training to become a Knight at a young age, they are fairly more powerful than normal humans.

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