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"Allow me to show you the might of the Heaven's Blade in my hands. As I send you on a one way trip to the Netherworld!"

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The Knights of Chivalry (騎士団の騎士部, Kishi-Dan no Kishi-Bu), is a newly made club located in the new school building of Kuoh Academy. It's a base for Lancelot, his Brave Saints, other Humans and beings from other Factions.

Summary Edit

In Volume 1, he formed the Knights of Chivalry and similar to the Occult Research Club, it's just a front for Lancelot and the other members to get out of class whenever they needed to. The members of this club also take up missions from the Chivalric Order, Vatican, and Heaven; to take down Stray Devils, Demons, Monsters and eventually the members of the Khaos Brigade. As an official club, the members sometimes takes up personal requests from the students of Kuoh Academy along with some supernatural requests from those who already know their true identities and are capable of seeing the invisible writing that is on the back of the request.

Appearance Edit

The clubroom of located in a large classroom inside of the new school building of Kuoh Academy. Originally, the room was dusty and unkempt to due to it not being used by anyone, but Lancelot used magic to make the classroom good as new. 

After almost a month of attending Kuoh, Lancelot made several renovations to the room so that the members would be far more comfortable. Inside of the room is a brand new teacher's desks with a comfy revolving chair for Lancelot's own personal use or the Vice-President if he isn't there at the time. Also included in the room are four comfy couches that are big enough to the members to sit down or students to use, sitting in the middle of them rests a coffee table. In the room, there are also two bookshelves filled with different magical books and others.  Built around the walls of the room there is also a soundproof barrier to prevent anyone from spying on them and keeping normal people entering the room without permission. 


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