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It's not 'Our' mission, it's 'Your' mission for revenge

–Kuroneko arguing with Naoki.

Kana ???
Race Nekomata Hybrid
Nicknames N/A
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Sacred Gear
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Status Alive

Kuroneko is a character in Lloyd's Fics fanfic, A Neko in a Peerage. She is a Nekomata and an ally to Naoki Kenshi.


Kuroneko has long dark blue hair down to her hips with a fringe and has blue eyes. She is 5 foot 4.

Her clothing changes from things like rags to a hoodie and skirt.

As a Nekomata, she has cat ears and a tail.


Kuroneko is a calm and level-headed girl. She can get irritated, especially by Naoki.


Not much is known about Kuroneko, except for that at some point, she met Naoki Kenshi, a Fallen Angel who was killing other Fallen Angels. The 2 became allies in Naoki's vigilante activities.

Naoki explained what happened to his sister and Kuroneko understood that Naoki was out for revenge.

After capturing and interrogating a stray Devil, Naoki and Kuroneko went to a cake shop where Naoki realised that Kuroneko accompanied him because she was searching for a mate, with Naoki's comment causing her to kick him in the crotch. Naoki and Kuroneko went to a motel later that night, but Kuroneko refused to sleep in the room since it was in a bad state. When she left, a thug in the street tried to rape her, only for her to get saved by Ryuji Shido, who offered her a place to stay for the night.



Naoki and Kuroneko are allies in Naoki's revenge mission. They come across as friends inspite of their constant bickering and fights. Kuroneko has little interest in Naoki's goal for revenge. Since Kuroneko joined Naoki because she was looking for a mate, it's possible that she might harbour some romantic feelings for Naoki.


Ryuji and Kuroneko are quick friends, they met after Ryuji saved Kuroneko from a would be rapist. They also get along as they are both Nekomatas.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Senses- As a Nekomata, Kuroneko has enhanced senses

Senjutsu and Youjutsu User- As a Nekomata, it's possible Kuroneko can use Senjutsu and Youjutsu.

  • Nekomata Mode


Sacred Gear- Kuroneko's Sacred Gear allows her to make items implode before exploding, but it will only work on inanimate objects. Kuroneko has said about it is that it requires glucose to work (Although, she might have been making this up to get some cake).


  • The name Kuroneko is Japanese for 'Black Cat'
  • It's been said that Kuroneko really likes cakes

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