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Leon Klow
Kana レオン くろう
Romaji Reon Kurō
Race Vampire-Devil Hybrid
Nicknames Butler (by Shar'Crave Yerlyi)
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Ranking Ultimate-Class Hybrid

Leon Klow is Shar'Crave Yerlyi's private butler. He's an Ultimate-Class Hybrid.


His apperance was never mentioned.


Leon seems to be obedient and loyal.


During the events of Volume 1, he acted as a guard and went against the invader, Ahrle Gahkryl'Laremahre McJail Safcron Asmodeus, alone, causing him, Leon Klow, to get defeated easily.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Immense Demonic Power: As an Ultimate-Class Hybrid, consisting Devil part, Klow has an immense demonic power.



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