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Leon Sitri
Leon Sitri
Kana レオン ・ シトリー
Romaji Reon Shitorī
Race Pure-blood Devil
Nicknames Kuoh's Hottie (Kuoh schoolgirls)
Sitri Prodigy (Various Devils)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Silver-blue
Equipment Water-based Magic
Personal Status
Relatives Sona Sitri (Mother)
Millia Sitri (Younger sister)
Serafall Leviathan (Aunt)
Affiliations 72 Pillars
Sitri Clan (Heir)
Kuoh Academy
Swim Club (President)
Status Alive
Ranking High-Class Devil

Leon Sitri (レオン ・ シトリー Reon Shitorī) is a High-Class Devil from the Sitri Clan and a second year student at Kuoh Academy. He is the President of the Swim Club and the school's number-one hottest boy, according to the list the girls have created. He is the son of Sona Sitri.

He is the main protagonist of Highschool DxD: Next.


Leon is classified by girls as, "the prime definition of a hot guy". He is an attractive male with fair skin and an athletic physique from swimming. He has black hair which is parted down the middle which has his bangs framing his face, with some strands falling over his forehead. His silvery-blue eyes are a trait from his father.

He is usually see with the Kuoh Academy uniform with some minor alterations. Leon doesnt wear the blazer, but instead wears a sweater vest, along with having the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to his elbows. He also chooses not to wear the ribbon and keeps his collar unbuttoned, its the same for the summer version of the uniform.

While doing club activities and such, Leon wears white swim trunks with a blue wave like design going half way up the legs.


Im not going to lie, I do have a perverted side. I have peeped on girls in their underwear, but that's as far as it goes. Unlike you pigs, I dont see women as pleasure toys. That is why they flock to me and not you.

–Leon speaks to the school's perverts


Leon's various expressions.

Leon has shown to have various moods and emotions, that range but not limited to, mischievous, laid-back, friendly, cold, anger, and even crafty. Some people say its hard to read him and know what he's thinking due to his many moods. He usually adds a bit of levity to situations, even in pretty serious situations, he would usually crack jokes and act like its no big deal. He tries to be as "lively" as his aunt, Serafall, much to the chagrin of his mother. Leon has even made joking remarks about how his mom needs to lighten up a bit.

His temper is a force to be watch out for. Once his anger reaches it boiling point, he unleashes what he calls "the full wrath of the devil". He is more perceptive than most give him credit for, usually being the first to figure something out. Those that know him say that he has the eyes of hawk and its kind of hard to get things past him.

He is willing to support his friends whenever they are in trouble and will protect them if they are threatened in any way. As a member of the esteemed Sitri Clan, Leon does have a sense of pride and honor. He may not particularly like going to dinner parties and events, but every once in a while something happens to make things more interesting.

Leon does admit that he does have a little perverted side to him, and as such, has peeped in on girls. He claims that he has never peeped on the girls of the Swim Club. Some people say he flirts with Reina Ishida, his Queen, on purpose knowing how she feels towards him and he acts like its just for fun. This flirting also extends to all the females of his peerage. Even with the perverted side, his overall personality tends to attract the attention of women.


Leon is the eldest child of two, having a younger sister. As the eldest, he was raised to be a proper heir, but it never worked out since he kept acting put. The family gave up trying to mold Leon in their image and let him be himself. He would always enjoy when Serafall would visit and would try to spend as much time as he could with her. Leon took responsibility as a older brother and made it his job to watch over Millia when their mom wasnt around. The two were very close, even for siblings.

He started to pick up magic at a relative young age, and got the basics down incredibly fast. This innate skill is what earned him to be called a Prodigy. While he was learning more difficult spells, he was teaching Millia the basics. They turned it into a little game of theirs. Leon had to constantly be aware of what magic he was using so he didn't accidentally use a strong one and hurt Millia.

Leon first entered Kuoh Academy in it's middle school division. It was during this time that he met Reina, an interesting girl that would become the first member of his peerage. They were close since, and peopled started a rumor that they were a couple, which was false.


Leon is first seen in chapter 1 dealing with two perverts who were spying on the Swimming Club's tryouts.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Water-Based Magic: As a member of the Sitri Clan, Leon specializes in water manipulation, easily controlling large volumes of water at a time. Like his mother, he has demonstrated the ability to change the form of the water into various creatures.

  • Water Serpent: Leon gathers water and shapes it to a large snake to attack his enemy.
  • Aqua Swarm: He creates several birds from the water that swarm and bombard the target with attacks.

Demonic Power: Leon has all the common skills and powers of a Devil. He has shown to be skilled in the use of spells, such as elemental spells, healing, teleportation by magic circle, and others.

Flight: Being a Devil, Leon can fly using his wings.

Memory Alteration: Leon has shown that he has skills in altering memories.



  • Leon's picture is based off of Kazunari Takao from the anime Kuroko no Basket.
  • One of his favorite drinks is iced tea.

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