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Leon's peerage minus some people.

This is the main group of Highschool DxD: Next.

They make up the core members of Kuoh Academy's Swim Club. All of them were found and approached by Leon to join, however, some were like Reina who were orphaned or lost in the world.


Leon's peerage is a strong group in their own right. The members come from various backgrounds but are united under Leon Sitri. Two of the members actually hate one another but they still work like a well oiled machine. which says something of the group as a whole. They have participated in several Rating Games and has a win-loss record of 4-2. The two losses were from a more experienced and veteran peerage.

In the years since Leon started his peerage, one member died in a rating game.


Leon Sitri (King) Reina Ishida (Queen)
Leon Sitri
A second-year high school student at Kuoh Academy and the hottest boy of the academy. The heir of the Sitri Clan and a Pure-Blooded Devil, skilled and powerful enough to be called the "Sitri Prodigy".
A second-year high school student of Kuoh Academy. She's the second strongest member of the peerage.
Yuniko Fuma (Bishop) (Bishop)
A second-year high school student of Kuoh Academy. She was the first Bishop Leon acquired.
Kaiba Takahashi (Knight) Ryusuke Aoki (Knight)
A second-year high school student.
A second-year high school student.
Li Huang (Rook) (Rook)
A first-year high school student. She was a transfer student from China that joined the peerage in middle school.
Sojun Seto (Pawn) Taishi Yamada (Pawn)
A first-year college student. He is a werewolf.
A first-year college student.
Joichiro Ishiki (Pawn) Yukito Asami (Pawn)
A first-year high school student.
A first-year high school student.


  • Most members are based off of characters from Kamigami no Asobi.
    • Kaiba - Takeru
    • Ryusuke - Thor
    • Sojun - Hades
    • Taishi - Dionysus
    • Joichiro - Apollon
    • Yukito - Tsukito
  • Yuniko is off Satsuki Momoi from Kuroko no Basket
  • Li is off Tenten from Naruto

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