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LargeAnimePaperscans Nabari-no-O-46
Kana レオナルド
Romaji Reonarudo
Race Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Annihilation Maker
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Affiliations Khaos Brigade (formerly)
Hero Faction (formerly)
Avalon Team
Status Alive

Leonardo child who was a member of the Hero Faction, before eventually joining Kazuki in the Avalon Team. He is also the wielder of one of the four strongest Sacred Gear, the High-Tier Longinus Annihilation Maker.


Leonardo is a short 10 years old boy with dark brown hair and blue eyes.


Leonardo is shown to be a very quiet boy and is always seen without any expression on his face, but this was during Kazuki's Summer training that Leonardo was brainwashed into joining the Khaos Brigade. After being freed from his the Hero Faction's control it was revealed that he as a kind personality, but is afraid of connecting with people.


Leonardo is a child who was raised in an orphanage after both of his parents were killed in an accident. But, later on strange accidents started happening that caused damage to the orphanage. It was revealed that it was the cause of his Sacred Gear activating on its own while he was asleep.

After being teased and emotionally abused by several of the children and the adults, Leonardo ran away from the orphanage and was later approached by Cao Cao, who wanted him to join the Hero Faction. When Leonardo refused, he had Georg brainwash him.


Annihilation Maker: also known as the Demonic Beast Creation. Leonardo's Sacred Gear and main weapon, it's ranked among the 4 High-Tier Longinus Sacred Gears. It has the ability to create countless and various monsters, which the user can imagine. He's also able to create Anti-Monster, a special type of monsters that Leonardo specializes in creating. Anti-Monsters are monsters that have abilities that target the opponents' weaknesses.


  • Leonardo is the youngest member of the Hero Faction.
  • Leonardo is the only major Hero Faction member to not originate from a hero.
  • Currently, Leonardo is the youngest of the current Longinus wielders.

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