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Level Zero
The dramatic outcome of Level Zero
Kana 誇り滅殺(レベルゼロ)
Romaji Reberuzero
Other Names Pride Destroyer
Type Technique
Abilities Shrink the breasts of the victim; Use the victim's 'breasts power' to regain stamina and energy.
Wielder(s) Ichijou Tsukino
Oh! He's using his lame techniques as the protagonist to his advantage in this spell! He's an... Idiot?

Kiruko Matsuoka

 Level Zero(誇り滅殺[レベルゼロ]; Reberuzero) also known as Pride Destroyer, is an offensive/supportive magical ability created by Ichijou Tsukino , fromm Berolina Gremory's peerage , during his first Rating Game against Nemesis Gremory , around midway Volume 2 and Volume 3. Dubbed 'The third most fearsome ability against female devils', Level Zero not only stabilish Ichijou's place as Issei's successor, but also as Issei's own anti-thesis.


Midway through Volume 2 and Volume 3 of Highschool DxD: Re-Birth; Ichijou, while resting at the Gremory mansion a day before the climatic Rating Game, developed this technique while also developing a new way to evolved his Sacred Gear, Boosted Gear. The technique would later makes it's debut midway through the Game, used against Ginko, a descendant of the nekoshou Criminal Kuroka, who was so shocked by her sudden lack of bust, it distracted her enough for Ichijou to charge a Dragon Shot and win his battle against her. Since then, the technique was also threathened to be banished from Rating Games altogether, while also turning into Ichijou's trump card against stronger and bustier opponents.


As the name implies, Level Zero has the ability to shrink the bust size of it's victims. By sprouting a golden spike out of the knuckles of his Boosted Gear, Ichijo harmlessly stabs the chest of his foes. This attack causes a curse to be placed on the victim's, always women, breasts, and by a simple command, the curse is activated, shriking the target's breasts size. The spell also acts as a supportive technique, as the 'Breast energy' left from them can fuel the Boosted Gear and it's user, activating the [BUST] command with it and replenishing the user's stamina and energy.

It can also work as an anti-magic spell, as Level Zero can nullify some kinds of magic connection while absorving 'Breast energy'.



Ichijou's morphed female body.

Like expected, the technique does not works on women who are not priderous about or dislike their breasts, taking away the shocking value of it. The 'breast energy' gathered is also proportional to the target's bust-size. The smaller the size, the least energy the user will get. One of the most curious drawbacks, however, is, if Ichijou does not use all of the 'Breast energy' gathered in that same period of time, the acumulated one in his Sacred Gear will mutate his body into of a busty girl's for a limited amount of time.

Ichijou can use this form to use Level Zero on himself, both maintaining his female body while regaining his energies with it.


  • The technique is based on both the [BUST] command and Vali's [HALF DIMENSION] technique.
  • Level Zero is Ichijou's first original spell.

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